u-thought police

you know the type. purveyors of false on-your-sleeve nationalism who make a freak show of themselves at the slightest perceived injury to "their" country's good name. they hijack conversations, spark media circuses, make a general nuisance of themselves.

think desperate housewives. chip tsao. most recently, roger ebert.

i tried to think of a dignified way to deal with these people without letting myself get dragged down to their level, failed, and finally decided to just drag them down to my level:

paste this image in the appropriate message board, comment thread, blog, etc., wherever the Philippine Insecurity Force rears its pointy little head.

you can also download the badge as a scalabe vector file here to use as you wish, commercial or otherwise.


  1. Hm. Appropriate badge is appropriate! Good job. Now here's to hoping the thought police don't hijack this.

  2. oh, i hope they do >:D

    so i get to use the badge right away.

  3. How do i Plurk this?

  4. wish i knew, sorry. *shrug*


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