summer komikon '09

it was my first time on the other side of the exhibition table, and i'm still a little high from the experience. whew!

thanks to all the people who bought ang maskot, especially the folks who told their friends about it, or even better, came back later with a friend in tow, going, "that's the one i was telling you about," right in front of me, thus shaming the friend into buying a copy. you guys have a special place in my heart.

at the 'kon i was thrilled to be able to talk to manila bulletin cartoonist norman isaac, who complimented my work and had many questions about being a DIY comics-maker.

the versatile kc cordero also came by and bought a copy like he promised, and we got into a brief discussion on the use of an entirely black page as a transitional device.

zero point comics creators michael david and jon zamar were my first two customers, for which i will be eternally grateful. they also sat across from our table, so, according to bearkdowns creator josel nicolas who was seated next to me, we may possibly have benefitted from the foot traffic they attracted.

heubert khan michael gave me a signed distributor's copy of unstoppable #1, which says on the cover: 1.) not for sale (yayyy!), and 2.) over 10,000 copies in print (aaaaaw).

by some freakish coincidence, filmmaker zack behringer (i'm taking a guess on the spelling of his name) is making a short film about a guy stuck inside his mascot costume. he promised to invite me to a screening, but i forgot to ask him if i could take like forty friends and relatives along to see what could be the closest thing to a film adaptation of my comic as i'm ever going to get.

and finally, to help pass the time did some hourly comics and random sketches, which i will upload soon.


  1. congrats. sa comics at sa medyo film adaptation. indie ba?

  2. salamat! parang indie nga yata. wala akong mahanap na "zack behringer" sa google eh, sana di nay malimutan ang pangako nya.

    uy mailing address mo, para mapadalhan na kita ng kopya!

  3. naisend ko na. may fan ka na dito sa office. ibinigay ko sa kanya yung blog mo. nakakatuwa yung hourlies mo

  4. kasama ko sa forty? please?


    - lucy

    ps: congratulations, kuya mcoy!

  5. nice meeting you, macoy. pasensya ka na sa approach ko, talagang salbahe ako, haha. nagsulat din ako tungkol sa 'yo:
    big fan mo na ako!


  6. k. bambie,
    mukhang naharang ng firewall nyo yung email. pasend ulit...

    salamat! hamo, pag natuloy yung pagpunta sa screening...

    sayang nga, nakakabitin yung palitang kuro-kuro natin eh. man does not live by pats-on-the-back alone :)


    we'll stalk you!!!! haha!

  8. we'll be doing reviews on you. :D

  9. not as much fun as stalkers, but i look forward to it!


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