the last filipino

this comic was a finalist in a recent comics-making contest held by the french embassy. the theme was "manila 2050: city of the future."

everything important i learned from sesame street.

yes, reading and counting and other life skills, but also an appreciation of music and animation, and a deep love for silliness. the "milk song" gave my six-year-old self my first taste of melancholy, though i'll never be able to explain why. diversity and getting along. linda was the first "handicapped" (as was the term at the time) person i ever saw. being smart is a good thing. dealing with loss.

and then there's kermit the frog.

one of my earliest memories is an image of kermit that my mother had cut out of someplace and scotch-taped to the inside of my crib. today i've got kermit in my soul. from his "breaking news" reporter sketches i absorbed an exasperated yet ultimately hopeful world view, a sense of humor that hoped for the best and took the worst with a crumpled face but with dignity intact. i was a lonely kid, and like many lonely kids i found solace, instruction, and a sense of belonging in fictional worlds that i read about or w…

school run now online!

i made a tumblr (late to that particular party, i know) for anyone who hasn't read my school run series. the first issue's already up and i'll be updating a page a day until it's caught up.

rise and fall of a real-life superhero

costumed do-gooder phoenix jones is retiring.

My whole life has been about making a balance.. in the end, there is not a balance. I’ve seen it on the streets. I’ve seen what people do to each other. And I live with it every day. Every day I live with horrible, horrible things. And I think to myself, ‘I made a difference.’ But I didn’t make a difference.

komiket 2019

my first comic convention in a while. i have much to learn, and relearn

the mascot


ang maskot


i guess i'll be making comics again.

the story pitch i submitted to komiket's first philippine international comics festival made it into the finals, and i couldn't be happier. i'll be working with the awesome cy vendivil, who generously agreed to lend his talents.
on the air pa pala si triggerman.

he was doing his old bit, "the top 20 at twelve,"  only it was on a different radio station, and he was doing a buzzfeed-type list ("20 infuriating friends you find on social media") instead of counting down the most-requested songs, and the "twelve" was twelve midnight instead of the radio primetime lunch hour.

he was even using the exact same "triggerman!" and "the top twenty at twelve!" soundbites from, what, thirty years ago?

it's like he had resigned himself to a very specific circle of hell where we was doomed to play the same bland 90's music surrounded by sad affectations of his past fame.

i listened for an hour until about midnight, after which cherry woke up and changed the station.

the komik ninja tumbles into school run 6-7

the komik ninja (also of jumpercable) posted some nice feedback a few days ago!

"This is the one that is not the walking dead, and as it winds down to its conclusion, its unique attack on a difficult trope is why it is an important part of the indie age. "

meganon reviews school run 5-7

meganon comics' tepai pascual, who's set to break into the mainstream this year with visprint's publication of her opus maktan 1521, recently blogged about reading the latest few issues of school run:

'The depth of the story usually contradicts with his cute, doodle-like art style but still manages to convey the message to the readers—- spot on...The drama and the tension are written and visualized wonderfully. I couldn’t put it down! And of course at the end of it all, I can only say this—- “Seriously Macoy? Seriously?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”'

i love the gif with which she punctuates that last sentence:

summer komikon 2014

so, got my face on a komikon poster and i guess it's all downhill from here.

the maskot film and DVDs seemed pretty well-received, and by that i mean no one's complained about it, except maybe for that one social studies teacher at the panel (mediated by jason inocencio of and the geek shall inherit the earth) who wanted to know why ketchup had to swear so much in that one scene. ketchup and i made long-winded explanations about maskot's pent-up rage and need for catharsis, and then direk chris just says "it was funnier that way."

people seemed excited to get two new issues of school run, and to hear that the end is in sight with about four issues to go--that's only two more releases, if i can stick to two new issues per event.

i feel rather proud of school run 6 and 7, the culmination of quite a bit of setting things up between robert and maki.

still, it feels like i've been doing school run for a decade, and it'll be good to start on something new. …

captain america: the winter soldier

(some spoilerish but general plot discussion here)
the Hero is a man from a different time and place, and the world has changed without him. he is treated as a symbol of goodness, but his idealism seems antiquated. this leads him to doubt himself, although never his principles.

the military complex adopts him, makes use of his powers, but he later learns that all is not as it seems. 

the only person he can trust is his female companion, who is physically weaker but knows more about the world, and so helps him uncover the achilles' heel of the rogue military operation.

 his nemesis, with whom he shares a unique shared past, is in many ways his equal in combat, but with the advantage of being completely ruthless.

in the end, the hero triumphs not by destroying the baddie, but by convincing him that their shared history, what they have in common, is more important than their differences.
captain america: the winter soldier is the superman reboot i'd always wanted.

Terminus (the Glenn from The Walking Dead song)


We've come back this season, at least those of us still alive
Here within this Terminus we all hope to arrive
I was a survivor from Cell block C, you were with the Governor of Woodbury and...

You came down the tracks of the train and you walked by my side
Shoulder up to shoulder that tunnel was 9 meters wide
Oh my heart was screaming, walkers wanted to eat (us)
Following my movements with a rock on your feet and...

Oh, down toward Terminus all of us tread
So, when were't at Terminus who will be dead? 
"Won't you leave me, go find Maggie?" you ask of me then
But I draw my gun and shoot a walker again

We were all alone on a shooting spree
Really thought my bullets would run out on me, but
Maggie and some others came and made it rain lead
Made sure that the walkers wouldn't rise from the dead
Could have kept on walking my entire life
But the season's ending so i'm back with my wife!

And so we left for Terminus with one episode left
Baby,no, I have no idea what hap…

i support pnoy's radio airplay quota

this article's been popping up on my facebook feed repeatedly the past few days, to pretty much unanimous discontent. at the heart of the matter is executive order 255, which states:

"all radio stations shall broadcast a minimum of four original [F]ilipino musicalcompositions in every clockhour of a program with a musical format."

or to put it another way, stations have to allot about a quarter of every hour of airplay to local music. which, if you think about it, is pretty reasonable. TV ads get more airtime than that.

so why all the negative comments?

1.) anything pnoy does is wrong.

i'm not qualified to talk about that.

2.) i'll listen to what i want!
no one's forcing anyone to listen to anything. they're forcing the station to play OPM one quarter of the time, thereby giving local artists more exposure (and/or royalties?), which hopefully leads to more income. is that so bad? the rest of us remain free to change the station, or pop in our earbuds, or pla…