Nice things people say about my comics.

"Ingenious stories... funny, morbid, violent, cute, (surprisingly) socially relevant, and a feast for the eyes--even for non-comic nerds."  --FHM Philippines

"Macoy is incredible. There’s just no getting around it."  --Philbert Dy

"...most notable of the new [indie comics] creators is Macoy, whose books... employ simple, cartoonish art to tell stories uniquely rooted in Filipino reality." --Preview magazine, Creative It List 2012


"I like how the story is told where words don’t overwhelm the drawings and just let the story be told in a pleasing mixture of words and pictures... Macoy has the makings of a great cartoonist, and by that I mean a comic book creator who can tell a story very well through both his writing and drawing."  --Gerry Alanguilan

"We need more stories like this, to get more people reading comics and to get more people reading locally produced comics."  --Budjette Tan

"One of the best indie na nabasa ko to date. Ika nga ni Randy Jackson, 'Mad mad props!'"  --Michael David

"The parts without dialogue are quite magical."  --Alan Navarra

"Very witty, hysterical and unexpectedly heartwarming all at the same time. It’s really not surprising why this title has received (and continues to receive) so much positive feedback from both comic fans and creators alike. The story itself is well-crafted plus the artwork is just pure eye candy."  --Mark Rosario,

"Macoy  has a deft hand in portraying the feelings of his characters by means of facial expressions, from panic and malice to more subtle emotions."  --Paolo Chikiamco

"Ang Maskot thrives on youthful angst and energy, before finding poignancy and hope in the promise of a better tomorrow."  --Philbert Dy

"And that is what’s important in Macoy’s stories, especially in Ang Maskot: the story stems from decisions the characters actively make, whether for good or for bad... they make their own decisions, they glean their own meanings. It is a thoroughly humanist agnostic worldview rendered as shapes on paper. "  --Adam David, Philippine Online Chronicles


"Operasyon is practically a Filipino version of Maus, using the inherent symbolic of animal imagery to explore dark chapters in our national story. In this work, Macoy already exhibits a great skill for creative layouts, and a really great sense for symbolism and character."  --Philbert Dy

"[Macoy] makes the statement 'mga hayop tayong lahat' very clear in my opinion: a fable to take to heart during these media-saturated and 'I-was-left-with-no-other-choice' kinds of times."  --Alan Navarra

"Maganda ang pagkakakuwento ni Macoy sa journey ni Reyes bilang isang bagitong pulis. Naroon ang kaba, excitement, pagtataka at iba pang emosyon. Kung gumawa siya ng research tungkol sa rite of passage ng isang baguhang pulis, nagtagumpay siya sa aspetong ito."  --KC Cordero

"My goddaughter took my copy of Taal Volcano monster vs Evil Space Paru Paro because my dad read it to her like it was a bedtime story. And the artwork was extremely engaging & child friendly ."  --RJ Ledesma

"Mass destruction rarely looked so cute."  --Michael Buntag

"From funny little digs at the Philippine Air Force to a brilliant monster alarm system, the book revels in small details of Filipino life."  --Philbert Dy

"Macoy takes the form of the Japanese Kaiju film and Japan’s most popular of Kaiju monsters, and appropriates them. Not only does Macoy parody a foreign popular cultural form, but he also continues a tradition of Filipino comedy and film, adapting it to the comic book form. Thus he takes the foreign and makes it Filipino." --Carljoe Javier


"This ain’t your typical zombie comic... this will make High School of the Dead make a run for their money."

"Zombies roaming the Philippines? No problem. Live around it, as we always do... Don’t be fooled. [School Run] is not simplistic, it is not hastily made. It is smart and well-made. Find this series, follow it, finish it!" --e.k. misao

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