Wednesday, March 31, 2010

project munny: day one

finally got started on that munny i promised to make for sputnik comics ages and ages ago. here are some of the materials i'll be using:

first we give the munny a good wash:

then we soften the vinyl (by heating it with a hairdryer) and cut out the ears with a hobby knife (got it cheap at saizen).

reverse the ears, put them back in and stuff the resulting cavity with aluminum foil. hot-glue everything in place.

trim off excess glue with knife.

put some pre-kneaded sculpey over the hole and attempt to approximate a round head despite not really knowing what you're doing. i've started on the 'palong' here.

i probably won't be able to find the appropriate googly eyes for this project, so, more sculpey.

beak (looking more like a bill) and tongue.

okay my fingers are raw from hours of rubbing sculpey by now, so let's work on the arms for a while. the munny came with a set of angel wings as accessories; i separated them using scissors and attached one to each arm.

it wouldn't look like jholeebird with just the original arms, but i can't sculpt wings to replace them, so this is the best compromise i can think of.

now for the toes. i had a hell of a time with those bits of wire. gah.

okay, das nuffa dat. itutuloy bukas.

can any craft-y types out there give me tips on how to smoothen the finish without having to buy a P300 bottle of sculpey softener?


Anonymous said...


sakaling kelangan mo ng tagalagay ng aluminum foil sa mga susunod na proyekto, andito lang ako.


- lucy

dj said...

very nice! always wanted to do toy customizing. mukhang nga lang magastos na hobby...

macoy said...

@lucy: sige kelangan ko ng taga-lamas ng clay. na-sprain ata yung mga pulso ko. bakasyon ka na ba?

@dj, little bit. the munny itself is like P1.4K.

Miko said...

Wow, lookin' good! :D

And will be probably expensive come bidding time... Hopefully, there will be some of Macoy's DNA on some of those wires as well :p

dj said...

1.4k? yikes! kung palpak yung gawa mo sayang.

question po: bakit pala aluminum foil yung pinang stuff?

macoy said...

@miko: dna definitely included. there's skin in the clay and blood on at least one nail.

@dj: yun ang sabi sa mga tutorial na nabasa ko eh. i guess 'cause it's light, non-biogradable and cheaper than sculpey.

leroy said...


dj said...

ah. ok. galing!

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