Friday, April 23, 2010

project munny: day two

previously i cut-and-pasted various parts to and from the munny, and my wrists hurt so bad from rubbing and molding sculpey that i decided to take a day off... which lasted several weeks.

and so to continue...

next step is baking the clay. but the head doesn't fit inside the toaster oven. so we make do.

quote of the day: "is it supposed to smoke?"

apparently not.

after i die i want to get cremated. just to let you know.

sanding the sculpey parts after they've hardened.

spraying on some primer.

and then a coat of white paint.

drying them out.

and this is what we have so far. as you can see the lumpy clay parts are still lumpy. sorry sputnik folks.

tomorrow we paint in the other colors.


Miko said...

Baked Maskot... Yum :p

macoy said...

toasted, actually... no, make that scorched.

leroy said...

ang complicated pala.

mots said...

dati pa ko naghahanap ng munny,, san ka nakabili?

macoy said...


galing sa sputnik comics shop itong munny na pina-customize sa akin (di ko talaga siya binili)... at sarado na sila :(

baka meron sa secret fresh?

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