Thursday, January 7, 2010

project: ang munny!

okay, this project is long overdue so maybe blogging about it will light a fire under my ass.

the good folks at sputnik comics asked me to customize a munny for them. what's a munny, you ask? this is a munny:

it's a do-it-yourself, customizable vinyl designer toy. it comes with accessories and stuff:

i'm gonna carve it up, sculpt on additioanl parts, paint it, and if all goes well and i don't screw up too badly, we will hopefully end up with something that looks like this:

which will then be put up for auction at the sputnik store.

i'll be posting my work progress on this blog.

where does one go to buy googly eyes?


Mikki said...

sa google? :P

hehe, try mo sa Carolina's

dj said...


sa DVS madami nyan...

mcoy said...

thanks guys. i need to go all that way for two peices of googly eyes? sigh.

Anonymous said...

gusto mo tulong? sa paglilok?


- lucy

mcoy said...

sige punta ka dito bukas, miss ka na raw ni cherry

Miko said...

Wow, can't wait :D

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