Friday, May 22, 2009

ang maskot... sa tiendesitas!

"ang maskot" is now available at stall 49, novelty village. look for the shop with replica guns displayed outside--it's along one of the upstairs rows fronting the pet stalls. price is P50 per copy, digest size, 52 pages. black and white.

the owner, donald gonzales, is looking for more local/independent/self-published comics to put up for consignment at his shop. you can reach him at 0922-881-1618.

thanks to heubert khan michael for blogging about mr. gonzales' shop.


kawso said...

Gusto ko ng kopya!! :) Pwede bang by ipa-deliver by post? :) Baka maubusan ako eh!!

mcoy said...

oo naman! i-email mo sakin mailing address mo.

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