komikon, komikon, komikon

so yeah i went, just didn't blog about it till almost two weeks later. so what?

here's my haul:

i went a bit overbudget thanks to a used copy of scott mccloud's understanding comics (it's there beneath the SKP tome), but i did win two issues of batch '72 in the caricature contest, so that evens things out a bit.
a teeny tiny bit.
it doesn't really even things out.
well i guess i should just be thankful the el indio book (compilation? restoration?) didn't come out in time for the 'kon, or i would have been in quite a financial dilemma.
i thought about buying arnold arre's andong agimat but it was selling at non-discounted prices... why is that? why? why?
lotsa people this year, compared to the last 'kon i attended, which was the first one in '05. back then i basically bought one of each from all the indie comics booths, but this year i had to pick and choose. and what i didn't choose was superheroes. dunno why, just didn't. also stayed away from too manga-ish indies, and this one yaoi-looking indie, and i-draw-like-a-fifth-grader-ish indies, and historical-revisionist-pre-colonial-phlippines-was-a-magical-world-where-everybody-has-tattoos-ish indies.
well, that last one isn't true. i did buy a skyworld ashcan. i'll post a review when i get the chance.