Friday, April 16, 2010

komikon indies (UPDATED) (and bumped)

summerkon is next week! here's an updated list of indes coming out, mostly with pictures (this is not intended to be all-inclusive)

-punnx 2 by jp cuison & dennis nierra

-callwork: proud callboy by hazel manzano

-love story from omeng estanistlao

-kalayaan 9 by gio paredes (kaya mo yan gio!)

-riddle of nowhere, a book of poems by ej galang illustrated by apol sta. maria

-umlauts and atom bombs, by gerry alanguilan & marivi hilos-nepomuceno

-philippine adventure & romance stories 1, ed. by art de guzman & nestor malgapo

-pasig: epilogue by taga-ilog

shorts by david sysing

sanduguan 6 by ner perdrina

no parking comics ed. by amos villar

kapitan tog/ kulas by freely abrigo

insomnior by rhiver

digmaang salinlahi: suleiman by jon zamar

bayan knights 4 by gilbert monsanto et al

baboy 2 by mel casipit

hand-drawn, quartered and other tell-tales by ariel atienza

laban: a love story by jose gamboa

kubori kikiam 7 by michael david

zombies in manila 2 by kevin ang

comicspotting 2 by kc cordero

para didle riddle 1 by the knight of remi

(i couldn't find images for these:)

-windmills 3 by josel nicolas

-astiging boy ipis 2 by mike ignacio

-school run 1 by me

-unstoppable 2 by heubert khan michael


there's a bunch of titles i missed over at gerry alanguilan's blog and jon zamar's deviantart. check them out and kiss your wallet goodbye.


Gio Paredes said...

Yung sa akin tapos na Macoy. Pinapa proof read ko na lang. Eto nga pala ang cover nya ->

dj said...

(i couldn't find images for these:)

-school run 1 by me

that's just sad. hehehe...

macoy said...

@gio, honga pala no.

@dj, yeeaaaah weeeell i might have to change the cover because the white-on-black thing isn't looking very doable right now.

Hazel Manzano said...

thanks macoy for posting this! Haha kukuha ako niyan school run mo

leroy said...

wala na pala akong pera. shet. T_T HAHA

macoy said...

@hazel: pabili rin ng proud callboy! (pangit pakinggan nun a)

@leroy: ya i know how you feel. hay.

dj said...

excited na ko for next week. daming interesting komiks. budgetbudgetbudgetbudgetbudget...

sir macoy pa reserve ng copy! :)

macoy said...

^sure ting dj!

Miko said...

Macoy, do you have info about the prices? I would like to have enough when I step into the halls of Bahay ng Alumni.

I hate the feeling of having only fare money left and there's still some good ones left to be bought :p

Medyo malayo rin kasi ang Makati, e...

Anonymous said...

Pa-plug ng "Laban! A Love Story!"

Image link available at


macoy said...


araid not. callwork and punxx will probably be a bit over P100, i think riddle of nowhere is around P250. phil. adventure and romance will be over P500 for sure.

macoy said...


update ko yung post mamaya.

Anonymous said...

Salamat sa pag-post.

Btw, ang "Laban!" ay ibebenta ng 50% off sa Komikon lang...kaya P50 nalang siya!

At kung maging fan kayo sa FB may comic hunt/giveaway na igaganap sa susunod na linggo!

melcasipit said...

salamat pareng mcoy sa pag-post nito! :) Kita-kita na lang tayo sa sabado!

macoy said...

kitakits mel! trade ulit?

Miko said...

Everytime I visit this post, there's another good reason to kiss my wallet goodbye :p

kc cordero said...

salamat sa posting, tatay macoy...

macoy said...

welkam, manong kc!

melcasipit said...

sige trade ulit pre! :) Gusto ko ng mabasa komiks mo.

macoy said...


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