Monday, March 8, 2010

new titles coming out this summer komikon '10

here's an early list of new titles (that i know of) coming out at next month's summer komikon at UP:

-punnx 2 by jp cuison & dennis nierra

-windmills 3 by josel nicolas

-callwork: proud callboy by hazel manzano

-astiging boy ipis 2 by mike ignacio

-love story from omeng estanistlao

-school run 1 by me

-unstoppable 2 by heubert khan michael

-kalayaan 9 by gio paredes (kaya mo yan gio!)

-riddle of nowhere, a book of poems by ej galang illustrated by apol sta. maria

-umlauts and atom bombs, by gerry alanguilan & marivi hilos-nepomuceno

-philippine adventure & romance stories 1, ed. by art de guzman & nestor malgapo

-pasig: epilogue by taga-ilog


dj said...

astig! can't wait!

macoy said...

me neither. my wallet, though, is getting anxious.

dj said...

haha! ako din. my wallet would probably kick my ass (if it could) every time i go to one of these cons.

leroy said...

parang hentai yung pino-promote ng poster. pupunta ako! :)

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