Sunday, March 21, 2010

indie komiks overview on metakritiko

in an article posted on, fidelis tan discusses the state of pinoy indie komiks, which, according to her, still has quite a ways to go:

Despite the flourishing of comics in the Philippines, pundits invite both readers and makers to take a more critical standpoint. It’s true that more titles are coming out, and those who frequent comics conventions have more Pinoy superheroes, enkantos, slice of life and anime knock-offs to choose from. According to comics aficionados and critics Adam David and Carljoe Javier, it takes far more than a healthier show of comics produced to signal a true elevation of Philippine comics.

tan points out three long-standing problems of local indie creators: aping western comics and manga, lack of techinical know-how, and "first-issue syndrome".

now all of that is true, but also, i think, like saying that society's problems are poverty, crime and lack of education.

look. there will always be copycats. there will always be sloppy writers and artists who lose interest after making a single issue. preaching to the lost is not going to 'elevate' komiks.

the bigger question is, how do we get more people reading the authors who get it right?


Reno said...

I agree with you. There are those critic who say that most indie komiks are crap, and they're right. But then, isn't that true everywhere else and not just in the Philippines? Having been to two conventions in the us, I've seen their indies, and most of them are crap, too. Heck, even a lot of their mainstream output is crap.

So, instead of moaning about the crap indie product, why not point people in the right direction, and tell people about the titles that aren't crap. That way, a lot of the crap producers can learn how not to make crap.

macoy said...

yes! we get enough stick, how 'bout some carrot!

Vicktuh said...

'as right... i just hope that they would make a publishing company as strong as DC or marvel.

the closest we had is the national newspapers, the ones who publish the comic strip compilations and the "funny komiks"-like magazines

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