Monday, April 15, 2013

summer komikon 2013: trailer debut!

aside from selling komiks again, the other thing that got me really excited about this komikon was the release of the first trailer for chris costello and mihk vergara's "ang maskot" short film: 

both chris and mihk were there, and thankfully mihk brought his laptop because the AV guy's laptop couldn't read chris' USB stick for some reason.

photo by bien del rosario

i think we got a pretty good crowd reaction, considering that not many people know about my comic. i think having a super-recognizable cast really helped pull in the otherwise uninterested. the second time they rolled the trailer got a much better pop, so i suggested to our host, sherry baet-zamar, that we loop the trailer for the remainder of our allotted time. she just laughed; i think she thought i was kidding.

after a quick Q&A, carljoe javier and bogart the explorer took the stage to unveil a trailer and crowdfunding pitch of their own. and then i went back to my indie tiangge table.

a bit later, chris called me on my cell to tell me that ketchup eusebio (who played maskot) and maui mauricio (editor and assistant director) had arrived. i came over, said hi, helped everyone get their passes, and then went back to my table again, thinking, "well our bit's done already, might as well let these guys take in the komikon experience at their own pace and not get in their way."

i only learned much later on that ketchup had taken to the stage after all! i totally missed it, i have no idea what he said or did :(

photo by wazzup pilipinas

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