Friday, April 5, 2013

how to get a million hits on your "anti-filipino" blog post.

1.) use a bombastic title sure to arouse controversy, for example, "I HATE FILIPINO CULTURE;" just be sure to take back your words in the actual post. "i don't actually hate filipino culture. what i really meant to say was..."

2.) gather up a bunch of the worst stereotypes you can think of and condemn the hell out of them. who'd disagree?

3.) preface everything. for example, every elitist remark should begin with, "i'm no elitist, but..." do the same for all your colonial mentalitist and other -ist statements.

4.) don't be afraid to fudge your definitions. after slamming "filipino culture," later describe said culture as "not filipino culture."

5.) make things easy on your reader. who needs nuanced arguments when emotional appeals are so much easier to read and like and share?

6.) open the post with a lot of "them," but close with a lot of "we."

7.) above all, ignore the fact that you are a product of filipino culture.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, this is a reaction to "I HATE FILIPINO CULTURE" of Jaywalker.

This article has good points. However, the "HOW TO" thingy in the title is also proven strategy to get more viewers. And, this article can also get more viewers by referring to the "I HATE FILIPINO CULTURE" article who used the strategy to get more viewers. "SABIT" ba.

The "I HATE FILIPINO CULTURE" has good points in it. It is an OPINION from a Filipino who is sick and tired of the crab mentality, sickness of society etc. Of course I do not agree on all the things mentioned there, but nevertheless, it is saying something.

macoy said...

hi anon,

you're right, but the linkbait-iness of my article was intended to reflect the linkbait-iness of jaywalker's article. an even more linkbait-y title would have been, "7 ways to get a million hits etc."

as for jaywalker's points, i know they're good. like i said, no one would disagree. it's his hypocrisy i'm making fun of here. it's not like the working/middle/upper classes aren't guilty of many of the same things jaywalker hates.

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