Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"ang maskot" short film on yahoo! philippines

the "ang maskot" short film just got featured on yahoo! philippines, including a curse-free version of the trailer (the middle fingers stayed in, though) and some chitchat with the directors:

"I wanted to make this movie the second Mihk [Vergara] showed it to me,” says [Chris] Costello. “It was a great story that was full of great funny moments, and was full of heart. It was also already structured like a movie—it was so visually appealing."

The 20-minute film required a grueling, nonetheless fun, three-day shoot. Vergara explains, “All our friends and family who helped out really came through for Chris and me.  It's less tiring if you're surrounded by people who really, really get you.”

Costello also has a bigger vision for their short film. “My dream is to get a producer interested in further producing it as a full-length film.”


front page, baby!

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