Monday, April 29, 2013

free download: first half of "ang maskot!"

flipreads is handing out the free comic book day edition of "ang maskot," which is a slightly sanitized version of the first half of the story. a pretty good way to check if it's worth buying the whole comic.

thanks to charles tan and co. for helping get this comic out there!

photo by renejoshua
while you're at flipreads, be sure to also download the FCBD editions of robert magnuson's if-richard-scarry-did-superheroes book kuting magiting #1, and josel nicolas and ej galang's lovely meditation on commuting, taking the train. both are excellent reads, and both are FREE.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"ang maskot" and "school run" back at comic odyssey galleria

photo by danry ocampo
just dropped off a few copies of ang maskot and school run at comic odyssey's new shop at the basement level of robinson's galleria.

note that the school run are sold in full sets of issues 1-5 for P200 each.

Friday, April 26, 2013

"school run" and "ang maskot," stalked bibliophilically!

editor, writer, blogger, and world fantasy award nominee charles tan recently had some nice things to say about my comics:

"Snappy and upbeat, Ang Maskot captures an element of the Filipino zeitgeist and weaves an adult narrative around it without falling into the temptation of cynicism. While it doesn't have as much depth asSchool Run (and appropriately so since this is a self-contained story), it highlights many of the strengths of Macoy's comics.

There's a lot to love about Macoy's School Run. The art alone is an interesting juxtaposition between the bleak setting and iconic characters. But don't let the simplicity fool you: over the course of each issue, Macoy packs depth into his characters, at the same time imagining a setting that organically resonates with Philippine pop culture, such as the parallelism between the zombie outbreak and typhoons ("Signal #1 Laaang? Sayang!"). Or something as simple as naming a cat as Catniss."

thank you very much, charles!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kagemu à Paris

all kinds of awesome.

can't wait to see the inevitable talent show ripoff.

mars rover draws a penis on mars.

this blog is now complete.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

summer komikon 2013 reads: "ang sumpa" 1-2

i'm very impressed with andoyman's development as an artist and storyteller, from his journeymanish debut work, "foodcourt," to the charming "palimos ng kulangot" (writtten by ronibats), to the considerably more sophisticated series he is currently collaborating with SuperGi on, "ang sumpa."

the protagonist, arman darte, has senators and the president of the philippines for childhood buddies, yet is "merely" an NBI investigator, so you know he's a man of honor. issues 1 and 2 establish a central mystery: the president of the philippines is found dead under strange circumstances. a birthday party held by senator edgardo hernandez introduces the rest of the barkada and the president's ostensibly loving wife (presumably the suspects), and gives darte the opportunity to show off his powers of deduction and observation.

andoyman's visual storytelling is deft, confident, and well-
paced. i love his semi-realistic manga-style character designs, which suit the story perfectly, and especially love his characters' expressive faces --not an easy thing to pull off when working with realistic designs.

my only worry with this book is the slow-burn plot development, because at the book's current pace and level of character development, it will take years and years to flesh out the story in full. still, i definitely look forward to reading the next issue.

Friday, April 19, 2013

free comic book day 2013 is may 4!

free comics! and i don't mean one or two copies, i mean a fat bag full of lovely comics you get to take home without forking over a peso. no, check that, TWO fat bags.

at left is the cover of this year's comic odyssey sampler, to which i contributed a 2-page story. the sampler will be available at the fully booked/comic odyssey event at the bonifacio high street branch of fully booked. also at the event will be the following comics folks:

Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan (Doc Callous)
Frances Luna III Illustration Firm (Manila Accounts 1081):
Rh Quilantang (Hipon Gamay)
Wan Mañanita (Ang Morion)
Kai Castillo (Patintero)
Mel Casipit (Mukat)
Paul Michael Ignacio (Astiging Boy-Ipis)
Aaron Felizmenio (Gwapoman 2000)
Freely Abrigo (Kapitan Tog)
Jon Zamar (Codename: Bathala)
JP Palabon (Puso Negro)
Macoy (School Run)
Manix Abrera (Kikomachine)
Melvin Calingo (Pasig)
Michael David (Kubori Kikiam)
Nelz Yumul (Shatter Space)
Noel Pascual & AJ Bernardo (Crime Fighting Call Center Agents)
Norby Ela (Weather-Weather Lang)
Rommel 'Omeng' Estanislao (Bruho Barbero)
Ronald Tan (Midknight, Weng Weng)
Ed Tadeo (Bionic Man, X-men, Wolverine)
Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted, Elmer, Hulk, Superman)
Harvey Tolibao (Green Arrow, Psylocke, Avengers)
Heubert Khan Michael (Vampirella)
Lan Medina (Fables, Thor, Iron Man)
Stephen Segovia (X-Treme X-men, Wolverine)

The other FCBD event, sponsored by national book store, castle geek, and neutral grounds, will happen at NBS' quezon ave. branch. they've got a second sampler (that's the cover at the left), and their own batch of comics folks:

CARLO VERGARA (Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah)
DAN BORGONOS (Green Hornet Strikes, Voltron)
EMAN CASALLOS (Jennifer Blood, Ninjettes)
EMIL CABALTIERRA (Transformers Annual)
FRITZ CASAS (Queen Sonja)
GIO PAREDES (Kalayaan)
IAN STA. MARIA (Sky World)
JEFFREY HUET (Birds Of Prey)
JIMBO SALGADO (Batman Arkham Unhinged, Judge Dredd)
JONATHAN LAU (Peter Canon Thunderbolt)
JULIUS GOPEZ (Red Hood And The Outlaws)
ROB CHAM (Stories)
ROD ESPINOSA (Courageous Princess)

so take your pick, or better yet go to both! just make sure to wear comfy clothes and bring something to keep off the sun. oh, and bring something to read (ironic). them is gonna be some long lines.


planet x comics has an FCBD event of its own!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

summer komikon 2013 video coverage

random footage by pinoy tekkie

gerry alanguilan's komikon vid. 0:37 shows part of the The Great Komikon Proposal, featuring cartoonist lovebirds omeng estanislao and ails casis

a feature on a trio of comics personalities, care of jerald uy and

more links and discussion over at sir gerry's summer komikon 2013 roundup post.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"ang maskot" short film on yahoo! philippines

the "ang maskot" short film just got featured on yahoo! philippines, including a curse-free version of the trailer (the middle fingers stayed in, though) and some chitchat with the directors:

"I wanted to make this movie the second Mihk [Vergara] showed it to me,” says [Chris] Costello. “It was a great story that was full of great funny moments, and was full of heart. It was also already structured like a movie—it was so visually appealing."

The 20-minute film required a grueling, nonetheless fun, three-day shoot. Vergara explains, “All our friends and family who helped out really came through for Chris and me.  It's less tiring if you're surrounded by people who really, really get you.”

Costello also has a bigger vision for their short film. “My dream is to get a producer interested in further producing it as a full-length film.”


front page, baby!





Tuesday, April 16, 2013

one-shot short comics

click on the "short comics" button on the sidebar to read some of the quick one-shots i've done.

i just added "parinig man," in case you haven't read it yet.

dennis mendoza passes "ang maskot" off as new stuff

" [Macoy's] drawing style comes closer to the cartoonish/no nonsense side. Medyo simple pero why complicate things when you have some seriously funny and down to earth boy-meets-girl story to help you out.

Don't try too hard to resist his works when you see them."

thanks for the kind words, dennis!

Monday, April 15, 2013

philippine star and yahoo declare chickenjoy "best fried chicken in singapore" because three people said so.

"Jollibee’s famous 'Chickenjoy' was found to be the best fried chicken in Singapore, based on a simple blind taste test conducted recently by Yahoo! Singapore.
The blind taste test involved a panel of six – Singaporeans, Malaysians, a Filipino and an Indonesian – who were asked to assess chicken dishes from Jollibee, KFC, Popeyes, Texas Chicken and 4Fingers.
Jollibee’s Chickenjoy got three out of six votes."

summer komikon 2013: trailer debut!

aside from selling komiks again, the other thing that got me really excited about this komikon was the release of the first trailer for chris costello and mihk vergara's "ang maskot" short film: 

both chris and mihk were there, and thankfully mihk brought his laptop because the AV guy's laptop couldn't read chris' USB stick for some reason.

photo by bien del rosario

i think we got a pretty good crowd reaction, considering that not many people know about my comic. i think having a super-recognizable cast really helped pull in the otherwise uninterested. the second time they rolled the trailer got a much better pop, so i suggested to our host, sherry baet-zamar, that we loop the trailer for the remainder of our allotted time. she just laughed; i think she thought i was kidding.

after a quick Q&A, carljoe javier and bogart the explorer took the stage to unveil a trailer and crowdfunding pitch of their own. and then i went back to my indie tiangge table.

a bit later, chris called me on my cell to tell me that ketchup eusebio (who played maskot) and maui mauricio (editor and assistant director) had arrived. i came over, said hi, helped everyone get their passes, and then went back to my table again, thinking, "well our bit's done already, might as well let these guys take in the komikon experience at their own pace and not get in their way."

i only learned much later on that ketchup had taken to the stage after all! i totally missed it, i have no idea what he said or did :(

photo by wazzup pilipinas

Sunday, April 14, 2013

summer komikon 2013: a point of decision

a respectable haul, but i missed so many good titles :(
after missing both indiekon and winter komikon in 2012, it felt really good to be back behind a table selling komiks again at the bayanihan center yesterday. it was my first time at the indie tiangge since it got moved to a separate room away from the main hall, a decision that aroused quite a bit of controversy within the indie komiks community last year.

the good bits:

- the laid-back atmosphere. the indie tiangge occupied two conference rooms and was never crowded or noisy. you could chat with people without having to yell. some people took advantage of this and used the area as a place to rest before plunging back into the crush of the main hall.

- security. much-improved security this year; i haven't heard of any burgling incidents so far. still, not having a crowd to cover their movements kept prospective thieves away from out little nook.

- my sales were good. better than last year's, in fact.

the not-so-good bits:

- being cut off from the programming. the komikon folks were nice enough to set up a widescreen projector hooked up to a camera in front of the main stage, but there was no audio so we couldn't really tell what was happening. which was too bad, because having all that stuff in the background, and occasionally throwing in a cheer or a heckle, is a big part of the komikon experience; i never realized how big a part until now.

some people STILL do not realize that the indie tiangge is in a separate room. i know, i know, it's in all the promo materials, they say it onstage every five minutes, indie creators spread the word via social media, but you can still hear passersby saying things like, "what's in this room?" and "oh, there are more comics here." exactly how many people? i don't know. but they were out there.

- hardly any browsers. folks who wanted to buy indies made a point to drop by the tiangge. folks who didn't know they wanted to buy indies, however, were generally absent. i am convinced that although we sold well overall, we lost a number of the kind of impulse buys that result from people wandering around and seeing something they like out of sheer chance. being in a separate room cut off that element of chance. well, paid tables are going to be better than free ones, right? still, i missed having people hanging around, scanning a book or two, and then coming back later to make a purchase. or heck, even reading the whole school run series, asking when the next one comes out, and not buying a thing. i just missed the feeling of being discovered.

this is a big issue for komikon going forward. with the new limit on the number of times an indie creator/group can join the indie tiangge, established creators and their following will eventually move into the main hall, further lessening foot traffic to the tiangge, as well the chances of the next generations of indie artists getting the exposure and curiosity purchases they need to build readerships of their own.

of course, it can be said that komikon has grown so much in attendance and prestige that even the reduced traffic going into the tiangge is as good as, or even better than, the traffic and exposure received by the current crop of indie stars back in their UP bahay ng alumni days. i don't have the stats to prove anything either way, though.

another way of looking at it is that this is komikon's way of saying, "all right indies, it's about time you started earning your keep. make your content, take your output and your bottom line seriously. the training wheels are coming off." and that this is how things should be: indie artists shouldn't be allowed to hog the free tables forever, and should make room for newer artists to have their turn.

which leaves me... where? i knew something was up when the summerkon indie tiangge list came out and most of my creator friends had gone over to the paid side. now i'm left to seriously debate whether forking over P3 k (or P1.5 k if i can find someone to go halfies with) next time is worth it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

she's publishing the fanfic

a woman starts posting fan fiction online, gains an enthusiastic readership, and the "online novel" gets picked up by a major publisher.

sounds familiar, right? now imagine it happened in the philippines.

apparently, summit is, um, taking a page from the 50 shades of grey phenomenon by way of meteor garden:

It all started when 17-year-old Athena Dizon unwittingly plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy, Kenji de los Reyes. All of a sudden, she finds herself pretending—unwillingly at that—to be his girlfriend to make his ex-jealous.
Now, not only does she have to deal with dirty looks from the girls in school who want Kenji for themselves, but her supposed boyfriend is getting on her nerves. He's hotheaded, never seems to agree with her on anything—and everything about him screams gangster.
Has Athena gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle? Or has she actually found herself a boy she can call hers—gangster be damned?

from what i've read online, the book began on the candy mag forum before being serialized on wattpad (since taken down, but you can still read it if you're handy with google cache) and eventually catching summit's eye. the goodreads entry boasts an enviable 4.47 score based on 449 ratings.

Monday, April 8, 2013

robin dude: the soundtrack of shame

- robin dude is kind to old ladies who cannot act
- radagast is attacked by a werewolf
- robin dude shoots a magical arrow that turns into a bucket
- robin dude shoots a magical arrow that turns into a garlic bulb
- a bunch of other crazy sh*t happens

i don't know. i don't care anymore.

illustrated guide: how to do the gwiyomi

all the kids are doing it. alodia's done it. you know know you want to learn it. 
and so, here are the steps:

got it? now put them all together, with music:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

getting fake-kidnapped

'Romeo slapped me hard across the face, much harder than I had been slapped all night. Then he shocked me with a stun gun. Then Cody doused me with cold water, which was the worst part by far. When you get hit with a stun gun, it lasts a second. When someone throws cold water on you, it makes you miserable for hours...
"I know this was originally meant to be a fake kidnapping," the voice said.
That's right.
"And I know that you guys did your homework on me, and that you know I went to prison for a while."
I do know that.
"But there are other things about me that you don't know, Drew. And the reason you don't know them is because you never asked."
Oh shit.'

Read More

Friday, April 5, 2013

how to get a million hits on your "anti-filipino" blog post.

1.) use a bombastic title sure to arouse controversy, for example, "I HATE FILIPINO CULTURE;" just be sure to take back your words in the actual post. "i don't actually hate filipino culture. what i really meant to say was..."

2.) gather up a bunch of the worst stereotypes you can think of and condemn the hell out of them. who'd disagree?

3.) preface everything. for example, every elitist remark should begin with, "i'm no elitist, but..." do the same for all your colonial mentalitist and other -ist statements.

4.) don't be afraid to fudge your definitions. after slamming "filipino culture," later describe said culture as "not filipino culture."

5.) make things easy on your reader. who needs nuanced arguments when emotional appeals are so much easier to read and like and share?

6.) open the post with a lot of "them," but close with a lot of "we."

7.) above all, ignore the fact that you are a product of filipino culture.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

revenge of the eaten

on mealworms bursting out of lizards' stomachs and the wonder that is fistulated cows.
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