Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"ilda" and the power of the stock response

this blog post first showed up on my facebook newsfeed two days ago. i read it, hated it, ignored it. after all, you don't feed the troll.

however, as more people kept re-sharing and it showed up under my "top stories" again and again, i began to wonder why these intelligent, sensible people would share such condescending, inflammatory drivel, much less claim to agree with it.

sometimes when we read something that, on the whole, jives with our own established preconceptions, we stamp our approval on it and say "agree", without bothering to take a closer look at the finer points of the writer's arguments.

in this case, look, we all have our long-standing disappointments with philippine cinema. but do you really, really agree that pinoys are dumb because our films are dumb? because that is ilda's thesis statement. it's right there in the opening paragraph. you market your comics/writing to basically the same audience. do you consider your audience dumb, too?

ilda doesn't seem to understand how movies get made. mainstream pinoy cinema reflects the editorial tastes of the, what, ten? studio bigshots who decide which films get made and how. they've been making basically the same films over and over for 30, 40 years now. to expect golden eggs to come out of lame old ducks is naive. to conclude that golden eggs therefore don't exist is just plain stupid.

"shallow and superficial" is what she calls pinoys (and pinoy films) in her conclusion. like we had a monoply on being shallow and superficial. did she bother to note that 90% of hollywood's output is the same way? did any of her sympathisers bother to read her other blog posts?

"KC Concepcion is not Piolo Pascual’s sunshine"
"Kim Kardashian divorce: still a publicity win!"
"The Chris Lao flood incident: what the MMDA could have done"
"Do Filipinos suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?"

yes, ilda seems quite well-acquanited with shallow and superficial.

people, do not let other people do your thinking for you.

if you are truly behind ilda's statements, hey it's a free country. but if you just got caught up in her obvious, general statements that are very easy to agree with, please take a second look. and i hope you might consider deleting that re-share.


Burn Harder said...


ilda said...

This is totally unfair. I wrote more articles than that.


Here's the link to most of them:


I also have over 80+ articles in the archives but that might be too much for you.

Anyway, just because your friends agree with me doesn't mean you should be mad at them. ;-)

BTW, this statement: "pinoys are dumb because our films are dumb"

^ Those are your words not mine.

I suggest you read my article again.


macoy said...

trust me, ilda, one article of yours is pretty much all i can stand. 80 would be the death of me.

and yes, those are not your words. the exact term you used in the comments was "non-thinking class", which is a greater insult than "dumb". please forgive my redaction.

Anonymous said...

you just ruined my day by wasting precious blog space on that blog post.

promise you won't do this again? ever?

- lucy

ps: i shudder at the thought that i might personally know those who kept re-sharing that blog post.

macoy said...

@lucy baka mag-apply nalang ako dun sa get real network. fight them from the inside!

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