Tuesday, January 31, 2012

reading in the internet age

Nielsen's apt description of the online reader: "Users are selfish, lazy, and ruthless." You, my dear user, pluck the low-hanging fruit. When you arrive on a page, you don't actually deign to read it. You scan. If you don't see what you need, you're gone.

And it's not you who has to change. It's me, the writer.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

comics i should be working on:

1.) school run #5
2.) sino?
3.) 1- pager for free comic book day
4.) short comic for an all-ages indie anthology

comics i am actually working on:


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"the hobbit", a 1966 animated knockoff that screwed over the tolkiens

the above is a recently-unearthed, unreleased, 12-minute, um.... animated (?) adaptation of tolkien's the hobbit, produced by bill snyder. it's got an interesting "little golden storybook" look provided by czech illustrator adolf born, and a wacky, totally non-canonical plot c/o writer gene deitch.

it's got a pretty twisted backstory, too, according to deitch:

Why invest money, plus a year-and-a-half of work, when you can make money without all that sweat? Not only had the Tolkien estate lawyers given Snyder the rights for peanuts, but in their ignorance of film terminology, they had left a million-dollar-loop-hole in the contract: It merely stated that in order to hold his option for THE LORD OF THE RINGS, Snyder had to “produce a full-color motion picture version” of THE HOBBIT by June 30th 1966. Please note: It did not say it had to be an animated movie, and it not say how long the film had to be!

so it's basically a cheap knockoff, only with a legit license. thank the valar for peter jackson.

Monday, January 9, 2012

kerning: more awkward in the philippines

hey DOT, i heard you spent P5M on your new ad campaign, and yet you used let BBDO use a frikkin FREE FONT.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

cliff chiang's justice league of japan!

i love cliff chiang's wonder woman, i think it doesn't get nearly enough praise for saving her look after those jim lee/tv pilot travesties.

BUT this post is about chiang's old-school anime-inspired JLA re-designs, which, according to chris arrant, were almost greenlit by DC years ago.

oh, what could have been.

BTW, chiang also did this awesome all-DC, all-girl rock band pinup.

gods, but i love a good fictional character rock band pinup.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

featured in FHM philippines!

this is the january 2012 issue of FHM philippines, and i am totally in it. now there's a sentence i never expected to type out, ever.

and the best part is, the other side of the page i am on is totally safe-for-work and i can show it to my parents after i tear it off!

many, many thanks to jed gregorio and frantz salvador!

(right-click on the image below and select "save as..." to download the hi-res image)

right-click and "save as" to download hi-resolution image

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"ilda" and the power of the stock response

this blog post first showed up on my facebook newsfeed two days ago. i read it, hated it, ignored it. after all, you don't feed the troll.

however, as more people kept re-sharing and it showed up under my "top stories" again and again, i began to wonder why these intelligent, sensible people would share such condescending, inflammatory drivel, much less claim to agree with it.

sometimes when we read something that, on the whole, jives with our own established preconceptions, we stamp our approval on it and say "agree", without bothering to take a closer look at the finer points of the writer's arguments.

in this case, look, we all have our long-standing disappointments with philippine cinema. but do you really, really agree that pinoys are dumb because our films are dumb? because that is ilda's thesis statement. it's right there in the opening paragraph. you market your comics/writing to basically the same audience. do you consider your audience dumb, too?

ilda doesn't seem to understand how movies get made. mainstream pinoy cinema reflects the editorial tastes of the, what, ten? studio bigshots who decide which films get made and how. they've been making basically the same films over and over for 30, 40 years now. to expect golden eggs to come out of lame old ducks is naive. to conclude that golden eggs therefore don't exist is just plain stupid.

"shallow and superficial" is what she calls pinoys (and pinoy films) in her conclusion. like we had a monoply on being shallow and superficial. did she bother to note that 90% of hollywood's output is the same way? did any of her sympathisers bother to read her other blog posts?

"KC Concepcion is not Piolo Pascual’s sunshine"
"Kim Kardashian divorce: still a publicity win!"
"The Chris Lao flood incident: what the MMDA could have done"
"Do Filipinos suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?"

yes, ilda seems quite well-acquanited with shallow and superficial.

people, do not let other people do your thinking for you.

if you are truly behind ilda's statements, hey it's a free country. but if you just got caught up in her obvious, general statements that are very easy to agree with, please take a second look. and i hope you might consider deleting that re-share.

Monday, January 2, 2012

okey ka na rin, ina ko

so the family and i watched enteng ng ina mo the other night, and you know what? it wasn't that horrible. 

while it's true that everything falls apart by the third act, the intial premise was actually quite promising: enteng kabisote, ordinary juan and butingtingero by trade, is growing weary of having to save encantadia, homeland of his fairy wife faye, all the time. he just wants an ordinary life with his family. this yearning, plus the latest magical crisis in encantadia (they happen about once a year, around december), causes a falling-out between man and wife. to drive them even further apart, the obviously-named villain satanna then tails enteng to a drinking session and sneaks a love potion into his drink, causing him to forsake his wife and pursue ai-ai's character, ina montecillo.

now that isn't a bad setup, but sotto is clever enough to know that moviegoers won't be going to the cinema to watch enteng's character resolve his heroic dliemmas. what people really want to see is ai-ai and bossing being funny together; they want to see what antics ai-ai and eugene domingo's characters are going to pull off this time. on this the film delivers, and that's why it's tops at the box office.

and thus the reason for enteng's success is also why the quality of mainstream pinoy cinema won't be going up anytime soon: quality stories and quality film-making just isn't part of the audience's expectations. we want bossing, we want ai-ai. if we can get that, any kind of serviceable plot will do, as long as it showcases our idols doing their stuff onscreen. it's all just dancing bears.

hm. i wanted to write a sort-of apology for enteng ng ina mo but ended up bashing pinoy cinema anyways.

at least i'm not being as much of a troll as this person.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


happy new year, y'all.
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