Friday, October 29, 2010

PICCA 2010

this is me:

this is me kicking myself for missing the third day of PICCA...

...while my erstwhile table-mates like gio paredes, mel casipit, tepai pascual, maika ezawa, lady storykeeper and the rest of the invited indie komiks people were selling out their comics. grrr. what's more, i missed the pick-up for the comic quest komiks consignments, so, no new outlet for me.

oh well. at least i got to hang out with such cool people. and i have pictures.

mel let me read part of his 300+page anime-inspired fantasy epic mukat.

in a pathetic attempt to stir up some business i offered free caricatures. it wasn't until i added the "no purchase necessary" part that people actually started asking to be drawn.

during day two we exchanged fanart. here's what i got:

reyes/boy ipis by tepai pascual
taal lake monster by mel casipit

and lady storykeeper turns maki into a real girl.

as i am typing this i am staring at a big box of unsold komiks. komikon, you are my only hope.


more pics here!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

middle-aged sailor moon

an ad for sailor moon anime reruns in hong kong, with the characters reimagined as thirtysomethings.

Summer of 2010.

Mother: [to child] Remember, when attending class to study hard!
Woman: Serena (Usagi Tsukino), I'm giving this back to you.
Mother, now identified as Serena (Sailor Moon): Ami? Rei?
Serena: Moon prism power!
Ami Mizuno: Mercury power!
Rei Hino: Mars power!
All together: Uniform change!
Female announcer: Sailor Moon, premiering this Friday, broadcasting from Monday to Friday, 6 p.m. Let [Hong Kong television station] J2 accompany you on all of your little girl dreams!
Waiter: It's been a long time since I last saw you three; is discounted dim sum alright?

school run #3 delayed

sorry guys, been busy with other stuff.

i'll release it (and hopefully #4 as well) at komikon next month.

Friday, October 15, 2010

indie komiks at PICCA!

a group of indie komiks people, myself included, will be at PICCA fest next weekend at SM north.

i don't have the exact lineup, but a booth for "mainstream and indie comics creators" is listed under the trade show page of the official site. we'll be there for three days, friday to sunday. drop by if you can!

PICCA Trade Show
October 22-24
4th floor, CyberZone
SM Annex, SM City North EDSA

Monday, October 11, 2010

carlo caparas is NOT a national artist. as in literally.

gerry alanguilan reminds us that he never actually received the title:

Hey People, specially you “journalists” who are supposed to do your research, Carlo J. Caparas is NOT a National Artist, at the very least not yet, if he will ever be.

The conferment of the title National Artist for Visual Arts to Mr. Caparas (along with three others), were STOPPED by the Supreme Court last year. The decision to confer the title (or not) is still PENDING. That’s how it stands now.

Mr. Caparas cannot consider himself National Artist, nor should anyone refer to him as one, until that matter is resolved.

so there you go. national artist? no. under investigation for dodgy production contracts? yes.

Carlo J. Caparas’ P1.3-B contract stuns PCSO

Carlo Caparas Questioned Over 1.3 Billion Budget

hey direk, i got a pitch for ya. it's a reality TV show based on your recent life. the working title is, "ang pangarap kong jail term".

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a real-life galleon in manila

As part of the Día del GaleónFestival, the Philippines will play host to the replica of the 17th Century galleon Andalucia on October 6–9, 2010, at Pier 13 in Manila. The 51-meter-long traveling museum created by Spain’s Nao Victoria Foundation makes use of ancient seafaring techniques with very minimal modern technology and virtually no fuel at its disposal.

At the pier, guests will be treated to festive music provided by school bands. There will also be a waiting area where guests can view an exhibit on the Galleon Trade and participate in creating mural paintings of their impressions. There will also be a creative trade fair selling indigenous arts and crafts.

For booking or any other concerns regarding the galleon, please e-mail The tour is free. Groups of 30 pax and above however will have to register in advance while individual guests need not reserve. No children below 8 years old, and those below 12 must be accompanied by a chaperone.

Amiya Rosalyn Sawadjaan
Día del Galeón Festival Manager
Office of the President – National Commission for Culture and the Arts
633 General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila
Tel. No.: +632 527 2192 local 605; +632 527 2206
Fax No.: +632 525 8656
Mobile: +63918 906 6643

more info here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

stick it to the (holy) man, carlos celdran

  • carlos celdran's biggest mistake was that he didn't bring a friend with a video camera.

  • the catholic church's biggest mistake is that it unwittingly created a martyr.

  • can we get some context here? what did the guy do? yell at some priests. what does the church want to do? deny millions of people access to contraceptives and education that, if used properly, will make their lives better in very concrete ways. which is the jailable offense again?

  • celdran's one-man commando strike protest paid off so well i bet he's considering making it a permanent addition to his walking tour. maybe next time he can dress up as jesus and knock over a few stalls.

  • media reports of pro-celdran support are greatly exaggerated. have you seen the facebook page? 80% of the commenters there are just happy to have any reason at all to hate on the catholic church.

  • wouldn't it be fun if noynoy said, "i'll see your excommunication and raise you church taxes."
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