Saturday, December 11, 2010

tell me what you REALLY think about my comics

one thing about having fellow comics-makers as friends: brutally honest criticism is hard to come by. people generally let me know when my comics get it right, but what i did wrong is a little harder to find out. it's the same with my readers: the only comments that have reached me so far are the positive ones. critical remarks, ones that may hurt my feelings but i might also learn from, go unsaid.

so i'm trying out this little experiment: i've set up a formspring account and i want people to post their negative feedback there anonymously. what did you not like about my comics? what can i do better? please let me know. i can take it. really.

here's the link.

on a side note, during the better living through xeroxography event last weekend, someone gave me her e-mail address to add to my newsletter mailing list. i didn't have a mailing list, so now i've started one. you can subscribe to it on the sidebar. i won't sell you viagra or ask for help claiming my nigerian inheritance or anything, just updates about my latest comics.

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