Monday, December 6, 2010

my QC comics weekend

photo by francis quina

photo by adam david
first there was adam david's better living through xeroxography event at ilyong's in cubao. the place was packed with literary-slash-artistic types, with indie komiks represented by michael david, the QBCCC crew, head honchos ria lu and martin jimenez of komikasi, ron tan, hub pacheco, silent sanctum manga, gerilya komiks, paolo sorne and myself. as a "small small press expo" it was a big success, with people buying stuff and crowding tables well into the night. but i think the true strength of the event, and from what i hear adam will be building on this in the future, is its potential as a confluence point for different self-publishers. already that night there were people exchanging production and marketing tips, suppliers, etc. and i think there might be talks and whatnot next time. networking and cross-pollination ftw.

photo by michael david
about halfway though the event, cherry and i snuck out and dropped by the manix abrera/punnx komiks signing a few blocks away at sputnik comics. we only stayed for an hour or so, but we did see a number of people ask manix to autograph his infamous tiger beat-style pinup at the end of punnx #2.

then it was back to ilyong's where we stayed until around midnight, went home, slept. late next morning i went to UP to photocopy a few extra copies of school run #3, and proceeded to the UP-ISSI for the komikon-organized comics bazaar.

since the bazaar was set up on such short notice there weren't as many customers as we would have liked (aside from each other, as usual). but there was ady from indie komplex who dropped 2K buying one of every title there, i think (*applause*). and also there was this lady who asked for every comic available that was appropriate for a ten-year-old. it made joanah calingo, with whom i shared a table, realize that there are very few indie comics made specifically an all-ages audience. which is odd since funny komiks, the most-beloved komiks magazine ever, was a children's mag.

photo by omeng estanislao

 anyhoo, around 6pm post-pack-up a bunch of us went to jollibee philcoa to hang out and talk shop.


dj said...

saya saya ng Xeroxography! next time daw di lang sya masaya, educational pa! :)

macoy said...

oo nga eh, kayo ang 'mesang walang pahinga' hehe

dj said...

walang pahinga & walang tamang accounting.

macoy said...

alcohol + accounting: it's magic!

dj said...

yun nga yung masaklap e. alcohol free ako nung gabing yun. hay... at least sobra ang money & di kulang. :)

macoy said...

when i get into business, would you be my accountant?

dj said...

sure :)

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