Thursday, December 9, 2010

MMFF film: senior year

“SENIOR YEAR” is a refreshing and welcome departure from both the cotton candy romcoms churned out by mainstream cinema regularly as well as from the depressing poverty porn sometimes offered by the indies.

“The film is simple and honest. Like the graduation speech of the valedictorian, the film is not pretentious, nor over-reaching but just sincere in its quiet little space and in its intention and execution."

“Credit goes to Director Jerrold Tarog who also wrote and edited the film. His direction is superb as he has great mastery of his subject with effortless handling of his actors.”

“The script is well structured with praiseworthy attention to characters. Dialogue and characters are very natural.”

“The film captures the essence and vagaries of high school life and gives a taste of what may happen 12 – 14 years later. The screenplay captures the spirit and fun of the senior year as well as the uncertainty and fears that are up ahead in college."

looks promising.

so now i want to watch two MMFF films this year. can't remember the last time that's happened.  O.O

oh, it's also worth noting that the film poster is illustrated. when was the last time you saw that?

more about the film


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i'm a sucker for teacher stories.

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