Sunday, November 14, 2010

november komikon 2010 @ starmall

the starmall trade hall was fit to burst yesterday, with the komikon crowd packed tighter than darna's top (anjanette abayari version).

things were so busy at the sulyap table (thanks for letting us use it komikon crew!) that i didn't get to walk around at all until cherry arrived at around closing time, so i missed a bunch of indies that i really wanted. here's what i did get:
someone left their komikon catalog at my table, if you want it back just let me know.

the sulyap booth... whoever was supposed to sit beside me never came so i got an entire table to myself. we were placed right in front of the entrance. i was the very first indie artist people coming in would ignore.

people who bought a full set of my comics brought home free stuff, like this maskot t-shirt.

julienne and leroy dropped by and asked for sketches. the guy in the middle looks envious if you ask me.

i barely saw any cosplayers, but someone did put together an impromptu "lipad" getup. here he is with omeng estanislao.

the comic book industry is struggling... to fit inside starmall.

temperatures reached near-bahay ng alumni heights, so it was up to gio to save the day. he made several trips to this cooling fan to make sure it was running well. bayani ka, gio!

someone was selling these samurai sword umbrellas for P1,400 each. pricey--but so cool.

first batch of sulyap creators being interviewed onstage by sherry baet-zamar.

second batch. now i can scratch "get up on komikon stage" off my bucket list. (photo by adam david)

i met aj bernardo for the first time... his QBCCC comic kicks so much ass.

this is feliz, who runs the mt. cloud bookshop in baguio. she bought several sets of my stuff. best of luck feliz! i hope we can visit sometime.

meanwhile, this dude (i think his name is euge) was walking around with a bunch of his indie comics, all fresh-printed and unstapled, and he came all the way from cagayan de oro city to invite us to an art/anime/comic convention he was setting up there.

tepai brought cake. caaaaakkeeee

(photo by amai richardson) being busy and selling lots of comics is wonderful, but i missed walking around and socializing with fellow indie peeps. i barely even got to chat with my immediate neighbors gio and the meganon crew. but wow, so much positive feedback from readers about school run and ang maskot, nakakataba talaga ng puso. maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng dumalo sa komikon! mabuhay kayo!

more photos here


leroy said...

Naunahan ako sa damit! Argh. Sayang. I'm like your number one fan kaya!

kc cordero said...


Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hey Macoy... may contact info ka ni Euge, yung taga CDO?

macoy said...

@sir gerry,
i've sent you an email!

salamat po! di ata kita nakita dun...

meron ka na kayang shirt! give chance to others

Burn Harder said...

Nice meeting you rin! I've you several times na rin sa kons when I buy your stuff. Di lang ako nagpapakilala hehe. Nasa facebook ba 'tong photos? -AJ

macoy said...

oo aj, click mo lang yung link sa dulo ng post.

kc cordero said...

medyo busy presidente these days. btw, pwede ba magamit photos for my magazine? ty!

macoy said...

sure ting, president! kaso puro lo-res lang yan, email kita ng hi-res, gusto mo?

kc cordero said...

OK na, mack. inayos ng art director namin ang resolution. ty. :)

dj said...

salamat at may School Run na!

that dude from CDO was kinda weird...

macoy said...


wehehe i hope it was worth the wait, subukan kong i-release yung 4 sa better living through xeroxography event sa dec. 4.

and yeah, euge was quite the character. his comic looks fun tho. bumili ka ba?

macoy said...


walang anuman!

dj said...

he gave us 2 copies & 50 pesos in exchange for a copy of the QB. di ko pa na check e. wala pa akong na check sa mga nabili ko. except for School Run & Noisy Blood (which was real good din!)

ayos! we will be at the book fair as well. sana matuloy part 4 :)

macoy said...

di ko nga alam na nandun sina bong leal! sayang. bilib din ako sa mga gawa nila.

kitakits sa ilyong's!

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