Wednesday, November 17, 2010

media coverage

1.) stanley chi and the front act crew were at last month's PICCA fest doing their thing that they do, which means i can now claim to have officially been on TV... for like three seconds (beware crappy vid quality):

the PICCA bit starts at 4:36, and i make my appearance at around 6:42. there's also a second part with more komikon bites at 6:24 and 12:00, but i'm not in it so w/e.

2.) game! magazine's october issue also acknowledged that i exist... the most economical way possible.

3.) astig TV did a series of interviews featuring us sulyap komiks people, but the video's not embeddable so you'll have to go here to see how awkward and weird and fidgety i am in person.

4.) finally and most recently,'s paolo chikiamco caught the tail-end of our panel interview at komikon last weekend, and posted some video to accompany his excellent komikon asessment.


the latest issue of wow! pinas magazine did a feature on komikon:

see how most of us are wearing black?

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