Monday, November 22, 2010

better living through xeroxography: the event (updated)

poster i made for adam david's celebration of DIY art. the maps were drawn by adam himself. from what i understand the event is going to be a party-slash-christmas sale "very small small press expo". there will be indie comics, books, zines, poetry chapbooks, postcards, shirts, bags and all kinds of stuff made by some very talented folk. i will be there with josel nicolas, mervin malonzo, dj legaspi, apol sta. maria, michael david and anyone else who enjoys free beer and druken karaoke. if you have nothing better to do after you get your manix abrera autograph on december 3, do drop by. you can have my free beer, i'm allergic.

facebook event page


dj said...

bery naaaays!

macoy said...


Miko said...

sa wakas, makakapag-comment na rin... Somehow, commenting in Blogspot is being blocked at the office :p

Anyway, if you're launching School Run 4 here I'm there :D

Had fun at last Komikon... I'm sure, dito rin :D

macoy said...

welcome back then miko!

mmmm di aabot yung school run 4 sa byernes. sori. D:

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