Saturday, October 2, 2010

stick it to the (holy) man, carlos celdran

  • carlos celdran's biggest mistake was that he didn't bring a friend with a video camera.

  • the catholic church's biggest mistake is that it unwittingly created a martyr.

  • can we get some context here? what did the guy do? yell at some priests. what does the church want to do? deny millions of people access to contraceptives and education that, if used properly, will make their lives better in very concrete ways. which is the jailable offense again?

  • celdran's one-man commando strike protest paid off so well i bet he's considering making it a permanent addition to his walking tour. maybe next time he can dress up as jesus and knock over a few stalls.

  • media reports of pro-celdran support are greatly exaggerated. have you seen the facebook page? 80% of the commenters there are just happy to have any reason at all to hate on the catholic church.

  • wouldn't it be fun if noynoy said, "i'll see your excommunication and raise you church taxes."
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