Monday, October 11, 2010

carlo caparas is NOT a national artist. as in literally.

gerry alanguilan reminds us that he never actually received the title:

Hey People, specially you “journalists” who are supposed to do your research, Carlo J. Caparas is NOT a National Artist, at the very least not yet, if he will ever be.

The conferment of the title National Artist for Visual Arts to Mr. Caparas (along with three others), were STOPPED by the Supreme Court last year. The decision to confer the title (or not) is still PENDING. That’s how it stands now.

Mr. Caparas cannot consider himself National Artist, nor should anyone refer to him as one, until that matter is resolved.

so there you go. national artist? no. under investigation for dodgy production contracts? yes.

Carlo J. Caparas’ P1.3-B contract stuns PCSO

Carlo Caparas Questioned Over 1.3 Billion Budget

hey direk, i got a pitch for ya. it's a reality TV show based on your recent life. the working title is, "ang pangarap kong jail term".


Raipo said...

He's an ARTSIT???!!!

macoy said...

i used the term very, very loosely.

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