Wednesday, February 24, 2010

rules about rules about rules about writing (a response to the new yorker)

shortly after posting yesterday's guardian article about different writers making up rules for writing, i read in kenneth yu's blog about the new yorker's reaction to said article, entitled rules about rules about writing (or, why mush will never triumph).

the gist of it was: rules like these are very personal. we all have to make up our own rules for writing.

oh really sherlock? i'm a human with a brain? gee thanks!

well here's my rule about your rule about rules:

in discussions concerning the proper way of doing things, there's always some smartass who goes, 'everything is subjective.'


Albert said...

sakit yan ng mga walang masabing matino.

sa susunod na may humirit ng "everything is subjective", hihiritan ko ng, "not according to einstein, even nature has a standard (speed of light)." hahaha!! i know, it's nerdy hahaha :)

reminds me of a friend, habang nagtatalo kami about making choices in life (marriage is a sham, according to him), hiniritan ako ng, "you believe in absolute truths?"

minsan, sumosobra ang talino ng isang tao, parang nare-reset ang utak.

macoy said...

sa susunod sabihin mo sa kanya, 'not believing in absolute truths is a form of believing in absolute truths'.

gusto kong gawan ng komiks yung 'eureka moment' ni einstein sa theory of relativity. yung nasa bus sya... :D

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