Saturday, February 6, 2010

the internet has spoken!--my celebrity doppelganger

so it's "doppelganger week" on facebook, and i'm supposed to replace my profile pic with a celebrity i've been told i look like. i couldn't make up my mind between jacky chan or gary lising, so i deferred the decision to the interwebs.

i found this site (they will ask you to register--just give 'em a fake email address) where you upload a picture of yourself and their face recognition algorithms tell you which celebrities you most resemble.

my result?

you can't argue with the internet.


Miko said...

Sexiest man alive?

I won't argue with the creator of "Operasyon," who knows what connections you might have :p

mcoy said...

technically it's about half the sexiest man alive.

Miko said...

Hahaha, good one : D

dj said...

... and who does the 45% look like? :)

Anonymous said...


kahit sino, kmcoy, kahit sino. wag lang si johnny depp.

- lucy

macoy said...

@dj, sabi ng misis ko 45% 'ewan' daw... and i don't think she meant ewan macgregor :D

@lucy, it wasn't me it was the algorithms!

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