Tuesday, December 15, 2009

whilce portacio on USA Today

budjette tan points out a usatoday article about whilce's latest efforts to bring local artists together:

Portacio has two parallel missions: one, to establish the first professional network of Filipino artists and two, to activate this network for charitable causes. The network's main goal is to unite Filipino artists in order to gain recognition within the creative industries while, at the same time, creating career paths for future generations of art professionals.

portacio goes on to spill the beans re: that renaissance thing next month:

"It's a charity auction that will provide money to some of these artists who have fallen on tough times. I got the top Filipino artists together to create pieces for this auction. Their mission was to create a Filipino superhero. I told them, 'You're world-class artists, make a character that kids in the Philippines can look up to, can be inspired by.'"

aha... too bad i had to get the details from a foreign newspaper.

but by far the most exciting statement for me was this:

Portacio would ultimately like to use the network to set up an artistic academy where the older and contemporary artists can teach rising generations.

"The charity work is a helping hand, it's a short-term fix. I like to look at the long-term, though. I want to give these older artists who have all of this skill and knowledge an opportunity to pass on what they know to the kids. I want the modern-day guys to come back and show kids how to make it in today's creative industries. As teachers, they can provide direction. As mentors, they can provide inspiration."

whoa. mega - whoa.

full article here



Miko said...

Agree. Got to hand it to Whilce, he's really something. Though a bit mellow perhaps but his fiery passion for our country, the Filipino talent and that "we can do it" attitude hasn't slowed down a bit.

mcoy said...

hear, hear

dj said...

Awesome! Whilce Portacio is the man!

God bless the man & this noble endeavor. I hope more of our local guys will have a heart like Mr.Portacio.

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