Sunday, December 13, 2009

barrio manifesto 2 by ammathorn

ammathorn makes enigmatic, surreal comics in this scratchy, kinetic style that i can't keep my eyes off of. check out his deviantart here.

barrio manifesto #2 is the only title of his i could find in comics stores. at P100 for 21 pages it is the priciest b&w indie out there i think, but man, this stuff looks awesome (click to embiggen):

this metaphysical dream-tale unfolds as idiosyncratically as ammathorn's drawing style. it takes some getting used to, but part of the fun is putting the seemingly random bits together into a narrative whole.

ammathorn's highly anticipated (by me) next book will feature agent knuckle, his supercool bullet-headed secret agent from heaven, going up against ol' jolly saint nick. he better watch out!


dj said...

"Comrade Klaus is Coming", haha!

good find. san mo nakita yung comic?

mcoy said...

some link on deviantart, di ko na matandaan :)

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