Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Terminus (the Glenn from The Walking Dead song)


We've come back this season, at least those of us still alive
Here within this Terminus we all hope to arrive
I was a survivor from Cell block C, you were with the Governor of Woodbury and...

You came down the tracks of the train and you walked by my side
Shoulder up to shoulder that tunnel was 9 meters wide
Oh my heart was screaming, walkers wanted to eat (us)
Following my movements with a rock on your feet and...

Oh, down toward Terminus all of us tread
So, when were't at Terminus who will be dead? 
"Won't you leave me, go find Maggie?" you ask of me then
But I draw my gun and shoot a walker again

We were all alone on a shooting spree
Really thought my bullets would run out on me, but
Maggie and some others came and made it rain lead
Made sure that the walkers wouldn't rise from the dead
Could have kept on walking my entire life
But the season's ending so i'm back with my wife!

And so we left for Terminus with one episode left
Baby,no, I have no idea what happened to Beth.

So here I am this season where they made all of us walk
Here within this Terminus where the gates are unlocked
Lord,I'd like to see that credits roll sneak peek
Probably a few of us will die next week and...

I am now about to begin the last of my days
I'm within what others would call a Terminus phase
I myself can only say it's The Walking Dead. I just hope the writers don't give me Hershel-head that's gross...
La da da
And you know it's gross
La da da... La da da...

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