Sunday, March 16, 2014

"let it go" vs. dragon ball mashup

so the other day i was listening to this guy, who is about the most affable-looking heavy metal guitarist i've ever seen:

and i thought, "gee, i can't even listen to that sort of arrangement and some of those riffs without thinking of 'head cha la'"... until i realized i was thinking of "head cha la" because the song actually sounded like "head cha la."

so i tried singing the "cha la, head cha la" refrain instead of "let it go, let it go." it seemed to fit pretty well, so i thought, i should be working, why not make a mashup?

i'd initially planned to lay the "head cha la" vocals over a "let it go" instrumental track, but couldn't find the former. luckily i found a "let it go" vocal track and a minus one of "head cha la" (the gino padilla version!) floating around on the web, so i threw those together in audacity:

i had to slow down idina menzel's vocals by about 3%, cut out a few of her pauses and add silences to some of her phrasing. the final outcome is far from perfect, but i think it gets the general message across:

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