Friday, September 6, 2013

ang maskot short film update: cinemalaya was a bust

well, chris costello and mihk vergara's short film adaptation of "ang maskot" unfortunately did not make the cut for this year's cinemalaya festival. 

the directors, however, have their sights set on november's cinema one film festival, so we will be crossing our fingers that the film will fare better there. direk chris says the film's chances are pretty good, so, positive thoughts, visualizing, asking the universe, etc.

that said, after the cinamalaya rejection, and with reboots being all the rage these days in hollywood, i think i'd like to do a reboot of "ang maskot," you know, to make it more palatable to local film fest judging panels.


1.) instead of a fastfood restaurant mascot, the protagonist is now a gay dancer working in a seedy furry fetish gay bar, in which all the lights are tinted red.

2.) the manager is mean to the protagonist because the latter rejects the former's constant sexual advances.

3.) the goon is a corrupt cop.

4.) the girl is a prostitute with a heart of gold. her father is also her pimp.

5.) the twins being raised by the girl don't know that she is not only their sister... she is also their mother! by her own pimp daddy!

6.) the second blooper, wherein the protagonist walks out of the shower naked in full view of the twins, is now canon.

7.) after the protagonist and the girl have their rooftop conversation at the end of the story, the protagonist steals the tabak from andres bonifacio's statue at monumento and goes on a killing spree while wearing the jholleebird costume. there's your effin' symbolism.

8.) the police arrive on the scene and, after a long and emotional exchange about fruit trees, gun down the protagonist in slow motion. one of the cops is the goon, who swears to live a better life from now on. daylight breaks over poor, dirty, violent, obscene manila. mabuhay!
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