Tuesday, March 5, 2013

speaker for the dead

the sequel to "ender's game" made me realize how guilty i am of that sin we so often ascribe to the unthinking hollywoodized seeker of entertainment: the sin of wanting to experience the same thing, over, and over.

there is almost nothing in "speaker" of what made me enjoy "ender" so much. no battle school (no battle of any kind, actually), no urgent save-the-world tension to the plot; ender is still a lonely genius but is all but drowned out by the rest of the cast. in fact, he doesn't act or sound like the ender i knew from the first book until the last act of this one, which is a shame. there's a lot of pretty cool concepts in "speaker," but what i really wanted was more of the tortured boy genius. oh well, i guess i'll be reading the synopses of the rest of the series on wikipedia.


Noel said...

You can try out the Bean books, the first of which, Ender's Shadow, has Ender's game seen from the POV of Bean. The leads stay as children in that series for 2 or 3 books, I think.

macoy said...

thought about it... but seems like too much of a time investment for me. kid ender is all i'm interested in, and his story is done. i'm ok with just the wiki synopses for the rest :p fly molo is pinoy! the philippines invades taiwan under his leadership!

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