Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bltxxx 2012

BLTXXX happened over the weekend, and things went so well the party literally spilled over into the street. i was kind of alarmed when i arrived (around 10 pm), seeing all those people milling around and blocking one lane and a police cruiser happened to be driving past ilyong's with its lights flashing. i thought maybe someone had overdosed on irony or something.

photo by michael david

later, adam david told me that some barangay officials had dropped by and offered to move everyone into the neighborhood basketball court. that would've been a laugh. he also said they'll probably need a bigger venue next year. an encouraging sign.

i ended up buying more than i sold, as usual, but hey, viva xeroxography. i also wish i had the budget to support our prose bros, but, sorry, my panel pals come first.

note to self: think of better smalltalk than, "hi, nice to meet you. i bought your comic." or at least, do not say this while the person is holding a browsing copy of your comic in his/her hands.

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