Sunday, November 4, 2012

taal volcano monster does the UK!

a few weeks ago, ubergeek carljoe javier (that's him on the left) flew to mansfield college, oxford, UK to present a paper on taal volcano monster.


academic paper. oxford. taal volcano monster.

three concepts i never would have put together in my wildest dreams.

the paper is titled "Filipino Humour and the Filipinisation of Foreign Tropes in Macoy’s Taal Volcano Monster vs. Evil Space Paru-Paro" and is pretty damn readable for a scholarly work. i didn't experience any college PTSD at all while reading it (or at least the draft available online).

so, wow, my everlasting gratitude to carljoe and the folks over at mansfield college. and my everlasting inggit to taal volcano monster, who has visited places i'll probably never reach.


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