Monday, November 5, 2012

more on taal monster in the UK

i love it when people point out elements of my comics that i wasn't aware of as i was making it. case in point: taal volcano monster. i don't remember which komikon it was that carljoe told me he was writing a paper about that character (but i seem to recall that my first thought was something akin to, "psh, good luck.") and he asked me whether the "atsetse"-type comedy of tito, vic and joey had any kind of influence on the humor in that book.

a light bulb went off in my head then, because TVJ was a huge comedic inspiration to me growing up. some people have monty python or bill murray, i had T.O.D.A.S. and "send in the clowns." it was by watching their stuff that i saw the power of being able to make people laugh and imagined that maybe i could do the same.

in that conversation with carljoe, i realized (and he mentions this in his paper) that taal monster fits into a specific comedic tradition--not out of any conscious effort on my part, that was just the kind of humor that came naturally to me, i guess.

later, i learned that carljoe and co. would have to buy their own plane tickets and stuff to get to jolly olde england, and that they were setting up a concert/art auction with his music/comics friends. because i work digitally and didn't have any original art to sell, i offered to design the ticket instead, and here's how that came out:

i wasn't able to attend the fundraiser itself, then being in the midst of... hibernation... but seeing that everyone actually got to the conference, things must have gone well.

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