Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ek misao wanders and tumbles into post-zombie pinas!

"Finally I have gotten around to reading one of the word-of-mouth sensations of the recent Komikons. First of all this must be said: listen to the hype, because it is deserved. Do NOT let the simplistic cover illustrations deceive you (as I was initially deceived).

Zombies roaming the Philippines? No problem. Live around it, as we always do. Thus Pinoys have learned to establish surge warnings, put up barriers, create tough buildings, make anti-zombie pills, etc. However everyone also reaches a level of complacency about the drawn-out problem, and people start making mistakes."

read the full review here.

thank you for the compliments EK! i will take your closing words to heart: "Find this series, follow it, finish it!" 

especially that last part, heh heh

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