Friday, May 25, 2012

summer komikon 2012: updates and apologies

ok, so let me bite the bullet and get this over with.

school run #5 will not be available at tomorrow's komikon. i am sorry.

i put off starting for too long, incorrigible crammer that i am. and by the time i started in earnest, dayjob-related stuff magically began to pile up. so i missed my self-appointed deadline for SR #5, i missed 24-hour book day, i chickened out of flipread's 24-hour komixathon, i chickened out of my contribution to the melon pinup anthology, i failed to do my unofficial komikon indies preview... aagh. my apologies to adam and benj and to everyone waiting to see what will happen to maki and the gang.

SO, as i type this i am hurrying to finish yet another long-delayed project so i won't be completely empty-handed tomorrow (if i can find a photocopy shop that opens early, that is). it's a collaboration with a pair of young, very young, up-and-coming creators.

still 7 or so pages to go!


Dj Legaspi said...

ayos! nice to see the rest of the family getting involved sa pag kokomiks :)

sayang at di kami nakapunta.

macoy said...

well you know, monkey see, monkey do. or rather in a few years, outdo.

sayang antagal pa ng susunod na 'kon. wala nang signings sa sputnik T.T

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