Wednesday, May 30, 2012

mark millar at summer komikon 2012! (video!)

photo by GeekMatic!

comics superstar mark millar, writer of wanted, kick-ass, and the ultimates, was a surprise guest at this year's summer komikon, and he had the crowd guffawing with his opening quip, spoken in filipino:

"How are you guys. I am Dingdong Dantes. Only a few know this, but I'm Filipino. I color my hair blonde to look caucasian. This is our secret!" (it should be explained that he was preceded onstage by local actor dingdong dantes, who has quite the female following.)

millar went on to talk about how national bookstore won a personal appearance from him by ordering a truckload (or two) of his latest title supercrooks, on which he collaborated with local comics heroes gerry alanguilan and leinil yu.

thanks to carlo pagulayan for posting the video!

EDIT: geekmatic! posted another vid on youtube, it's got better audio.

also, here's a link to mark millar's amusing manila journal. he seemed quite surprised by the fuss NBS made over his arrival, with armed guards, PR assistants, and a plethora of banners and billboards:
"As somebody said when I sent them these pics, Manila had been turned into a terrifying, nearby parallel Earth where I had won World War 2."

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