Friday, February 10, 2012

tarsiers have ultrasonic superpowers

The tarsier, a small primate best known for its bulging eyes and quiet demeanor, has a secret: It's actually incredibly loud, particularly if you're a dolphin.

Until recently, this fact was a mystery to humans because the tarsier has an ultrasonic scream, inaudible to human ears.

Texas A&M anthropologist Sharon Gursky-Doyen stumbled across the find when she noticed that when the tarsiers opened their mouths to speak, she wasn't hearing anything. "She had the foresight to get hold of a bat detector, and she was able to get that vocalization on a recording," Ramsier said.

The tarsiers now find themselves in an exclusive club in the animal kingdom. Bats, dolphins and whales are the best-known practitioners of ultrasonic communication, but some cats also use the high-frequency method to
communicate with their baby kittens.


Dj Legaspi said...

kala ko superpower nila ay being too darn cute.

macoy said...

ito yung "new 52" superpower nila.

Dj Legaspi said...

e nasan yung baduy na costumes?!?!

macoy said...

working on it!

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