Wednesday, December 7, 2011

komikon 2011 reads: crimefighting call center agents by pascual & bernardo

one thing you should know about this book: very little actual crimefighting takes place in it. second: the fact that the protagonists (sandra, charlie, "double-taking" koontz and "chopped liver" noel) all work at the same call center doesn't really affect the story much. third: it is awesome.

writer noel pascual's sendup of the scream-type horror formula is pitch-perfect in its sardonic glee. it begins with the standard setup: friends on a road trip pick up a gruesome-looking hitchhiker, the hitchhiker turns out to be a psycho killer, he chases them into an abandoned house, they are trapped and must find a way to escape and/or defeat him.

in one of my favorite moments, the heroes pile every available piece of furniture in front the door to make a barricade to keep the killer out. suddenly one of them has a burst of inspiration, reaches into the pile, and locks the doorknob. the book is littered with random,occasionally surreal, comedic gems like this.

a.j. bernardo's art fits the dark, humorous tone to a tee. lots of dramatic perspective shots to accentuate the bursts of action and heighten the comedy, but also some really great sculpting of shapes using light and shadow to remind us of the story's pulp-horror roots. the spectacular finale alone, a two-page spread that is perhaps the most bizarre montage/splash page/plot resolution you will ever see in a local comic this year, is worth the price of admission.

i can't wait for the second issue.


Burn Harder said...

Wohooow! Salamat sa review!

macoy said...

welkam AJ!

Dj Legaspi said...

AJ tapusin mo na ang #2!

Burn Harder said...

sige, simulan ko muna!

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