Friday, December 9, 2011

ang panday 2, ang plagyarista

is GMA even trying?! seriously.

two years ago, it was this.

in 2011, we have these:

yep, it's the motherlovin' wicked witch of the east.

also: the sand ninjas. still there.

i'm pretty sure GMA films didn't intend it, but those sand ninjas are a perfect representation of their production philosophy at the moment: they keep trying the same old tricks over and over, hoping maybe this time they'll finally score a hit.


since this post is getting so many hits, i decided to add some more of the "borrowing" that people have noticed.

also, if you're familiar with the "marlboro man" theme from way back, you'll probably hear it in the trailer below at around 1:45. i don't know how much swiped music made it into the movie itself. my guess is that people immediately noticed, and that's why the producers had ely buendia rush out that awful theme song. "flavio 'wag kang matakot"? you gotta be kidding me.


Anonymous said...

Parang may nakita pa nga akong Giant scorpions parang sa Clash of the Titans. Tapos I also think Lizardo was kinda based sa Joker ni Heath Ledger.... Wala talagang maasahan na creativity sa GMA. Stupid and Sad.

Mike Ignacio

macoy said...

ang pinakamasaklap dito, malamang sinasadya talaga nilang manggaya dahil "yun ang gusto ng masa"...

Anonymous said...

aarte pa ba? eh compare naman sa enteng ng ina mo ng STARCinema na kabobohan lang at annoying jokes by Aiai and Vic. at least this movie is trying unlike the one released by StarCinema na walang kakwenta-kwenta... puro marketing machinery lang ang ginamit kaya kinagat nang masa.

macoy said...

pareho lang naman ang marketing machinery na ginamit ng panday at enteng. yun lang, mukhang mas gusto lang talaga ng masa ang "annoying jokes" nina ai-ai at vic kesa sa "trying" ng panday.

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