Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wishful thinking: school run tv show dream cast!

at komikon a couple of weeks ago, my tablemate josel nicolas asked me what i would do if a local tv network offered to turn school run into a series.

my initial reaction was to blank out for several minutes.

and then i asked, "which station?" because frankly i think 7's teleseryes are crap.

so channel 2 it is. "what if...?" hm....

the role of maki would without a doubt go to xyriel manabat.
why? because she is awesome, that's why.

pipoy would be aaron junatas:

makisig morales as kulot:

aaliyah benisano as gwen:

 john manalo as robert:

and finally, baron geisler as mang karl.

yes, baron. because there is no way i am hiring this guy.

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