Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wishful thinking: school run tv show dream cast!

at komikon a couple of weeks ago, my tablemate josel nicolas asked me what i would do if a local tv network offered to turn school run into a series.

my initial reaction was to blank out for several minutes.

and then i asked, "which station?" because frankly i think 7's teleseryes are crap.

so channel 2 it is. "what if...?" hm....

the role of maki would without a doubt go to xyriel manabat.
why? because she is awesome, that's why.

pipoy would be aaron junatas:

makisig morales as kulot:

aaliyah benisano as gwen:

 john manalo as robert:

and finally, baron geisler as mang karl.

yes, baron. because there is no way i am hiring this guy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i hate fungi.

A stalk of the newfound fungus species Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani, grows out of a "zombie" ant's head in a Brazilian rain forest. 
The fungus species can infect an ant, take over its brain, and then kill the insect once it moves to a location ideal for the fungi to grow and spread their spores.

that thing.

growing out of its head.


from national geographic's top ten weirdest life-forms of 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

alan navarra blogs about maskot and operasyon!

sez the author of girl trouble and dumot:

Ang Maskot was crisp and clean. A man uses his own frustrations to bring happiness to others, which eventually sets himself free from his own problems. Also: the parts without dialogue are quite magical.

was my favorite. The creator makes the statement “mga hayop tayong lahat” very clear in my opinion: a fable to take to heart during these media-saturated and “I-was-left-with-no-other-choice” kinds of times.

his full list of fave komikon 2011 reads is here. check it out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

post-november komikon 2011 komikon post

photo by katkat munoz
for comics people, there is no high like a convention high. it's such a high that sometimes it takes a week for stuff to sink in and one can actually think about the experience objectively. so, that's my excuse for this late post.

some personal notes:

- record number of indie komiks participants: 42 groups, some 100+ new titles (i failed to get my hands on a catalog so i'm not sure about the exact number)

- sales on an individual level seem to be down compared to last year, judging by the lack of "sold out!" remarks from comics creators, although this could be due to the increased competition and better inventory management on part of the creators.

- my own sales were decent but not as good as last year's.

- realization: if you want to make money as an indie komiks creator, release new stuff. pretty obvious, yeah? my sales during summer komikon (when i had no new releases) were about a third of what they were this time around. this year's best-selling group, meganon comics, debuted two new ashcans and a GN. coincidence? i think not.

- on the other hand, weak back-issue sales suggests that the bulk of komikon sales comes from repeat business, a devoted core fanbase. this is good because it means we have a core fanbase :D but it also indicates that there is room for improvement regarding komikon's ability to attract new customers.

- more about back issue sales: i have a theory. let's call it the "back issue by half" rule. if i release a new comic, say #1, and it sells 100 copies, by the time #2 comes out, #1 will sell about half as well as #2. to put it another way:

convention 2009
issue #1 - sold: 100 copies

convention 2010
issue #2 - sold: 100 copies
issue #1 - sold: 50 copies

convention 2011
issue #3 - sold: 100 copies
issue #2 - sold: 50 copies
issue #1 - sold: 25 copies

and so on. i don't really expect the drop to be linear. it will probably be a hyperbolic slope... you know, because people will occasionally buy a full set. hopefully.

still, that's how i judge my stocking numbers for now. bring 100 copies of the latest, fifty of the second-to-the-latest, and maybe 30-20 of the rest. it would be interesting to compare notes with other indie komiks folks about this.

EDIT: gio paredes posts his own back-issue sales experiences, which are quite different from mine.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

november komikon 2011 new indie komiks releases! (constantly updated)

november komikon 2011 is next week! the list of new indie komiks titles is said to be around 100, which blows my mind. here are a few that i (hastily) grabbed from the indie komiks manila facebook group. enjoy this sampling of what to expect in a few days!

WIP 2 by hub pacheco & teddy pavon

UP Syndrome by Edward Jener 
B.A.T.A. by Amjie Love
My Love Is A Stapler by Toni Jayne
Buang by Cyrus Romanes
Magusta by Fredirick David
Greywing by Lex Jordan

prologue & weather-weather lang by norby ela

various titles from ice cream indie manga

various titles from inkjinks

curtains for hire by joanah calingo

kanto inc. #3 by calingo, calingo & kilayman

various titles from revel circle

various title s from hyper comics

starstruck (game) by komikasi

patintero #5 & #6 by kai castillo

kulas compilation by freely abrigo

boink! #2 by core studios

juan manga by juan tamad

bruho barbero #1 by omeng estanislao

kubori kikiam presents the melancholy
of edward cordero

various titles from i-rawwrr studios

bayan knights book of origins by bayan knights

kalayaan GN vol. 1 by gio paredes

kalayaan #12 by gio paredes

atomic underground special issue #3 by atomic underground

komikero anthology #8 by komikero group

high society by paolo chikiamco & hannah buena

maktan 1521 GN vol.1 by tepai pascual

maktan 1521 #6 by tepai pascual

mark 9 verse 47 #7 by meganon comics

windmills 4 by josel nicloas

Segovia Solutions # 1 by Jerald Uy and Jether Amar

bathala apocalypsis #4 by david hontiveros & ace enriquez

crimefighting call center agent #1 by noel pascual & a.j. bernardo

hellsword by gilbert monsanto

sanduguan #10 by ner pedrina

mukat #3 by mel casipit

team tag team #2 by benj

pasig book 2 chap 1 by taga-ilog

palagdas by jb casacop

big fat ben by gerald asbucan

stories vol.2 by rob cham

drop dead dangerous #2 by chad cabrera & mike banting

game over!!! by omeng estanislao & aileen casis

talaan ng aparisyon by takemaru101

under the couch by tuks oil

hukbong adarna: ang simula by allen geneta

btahala #1 by jon zamar & judd abuniman


and that's not all of them!
for a full listing, watch out for the official komikon catalog--

--which will be available at the event.

if i got any info wrong, or if i missed your indie and you'd like me to add it to the list, let me know in the comments. 

see you at komikon!
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