Friday, September 3, 2010

sulyap: an indie komiks anthology

sulyap is a collection of short komiks stories published by the same people who bring you the komikon comics conventions. editor jon zamar did a great job of showcasing how diverse the pinoy indie komiks scene is nowadays: you've got manga, angsty autobiographical stuff, spandex-clad superheroes, straight-up cartoon stories, even a bit of parody kaiju and historical fiction. (my taal volcano monster vs. evil space paru-paro is among the works included)

the cover was done by melvin calingo, aka taga-ilog of culture crash fame, and that's his rendition of the taal volcano monster up there. i was so stoked to see it. :D

the book will be released on november 13 at komikon. convention price is P150, and after that it'll sell for P250.

you can get updates via the sulyap facebook page.

more about komikon here.


Miko said...

Reserve one for me. I was about to buy one during the last MetroCon but it's not yet availbale :p

I hope you guys can release more titles in this format :D

macoy said...

oo ba miko! at sana nga magkaroon na ng indies sa bookstores.

Miko said...

O'nga. I hope "Ang Bookstore ng Bayan" or any other bookstores is listening and grow a heart (or, atleast, some business sense).

Hindi nila ma-realize na may market ang komiks, indie man o published ng kilalang kumpanya, basta maganda ang istorya at pagkakagawa.

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