Wednesday, September 8, 2010

animated film to watch out for: rpg metanoia

i am usually very, very skeptical about (i.e. i hate) "first filipino blank-and-blank movie!" anyone remember ang panday the animated series? what about isko: adventures in animasia? yeah, those went really well didn't they. i can just imagine the boardroom meeting that spawned these ideas: "let's make it reeeaaaally filipino! let's have the hero wear a maglalatik costume! how many tikbalangs and manananggal can we squeeze in, do you think?"

what makes rpg metanoia look so promising to me is that it is forward-looking rather than backward-looking. there's no hint so far of the false nostalgia and out-of-place nationalism that weighs down the earlier films. cg animation? 3D? avatars and rpg's? it's too hip to be true! and in a sense it is. the project was begun in 2004 by local studio thaumatrope, and abs-cbn only came aboard in 2008. so there is at least some chance that this will be legit.

their website's pretty nifty, and of course there's a facebook page.


Raipo said...

Definitely on my watchlist now!

Miko said...

I'll check this out when I get home; damn office restrictions :p

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