Thursday, August 26, 2010

school run #2 now available!

get it at sputnik comics in cubao x for only P15!

should also be available at comic odyssey robinson's galleria by this saturday.


Raipo said...

Waw mukhang madugo ang susunod ah!

Mercy Macoy! They're only children!

macoy said...

fictional children, raipo.

that said, nangawit ako sa kakadrowing ng spatter. bu-ha-ha-ha >:D

Miko said...

Yeah, but they're still children :p

Though you didn't follow the poll (which I rigged :p ), I have to say that SCHOOL RUN is really something: it managed to get me riled up and really affected by the fate of these "fictional" characters (except Mang Karl).

Perhaps it was the way you drew the children or the simplicity of your lines. Or the flow of your "one-tracked mind."

Whatever it is, I'm glad that I picked up "Ang Maskot" after I read about it at Budj's and Gerry's sites. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to join you in this emotional ride that is SCHOOL RUN.

macoy said...

salamat miko, emotional impact is something i was really trying to go for here. i'll do my best to keep things interesting.

and bloody.

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