Monday, August 23, 2010

metro comic con 2010: pics n' stuff

my haul this year includes some priceless original art from dj legaspi and mel casipit. thanks guys!

i got to sit at the komikon booth (thanks to jon zamar, syeri baet and the rest of the komikon peeps!). that's gio paredes at the right and lico reloj at upper left--his fifty peso ninja was the very first indie i bought at the first komikon back in '05. in between is markus of, who was kind enough to mind our tables for us while we walked around and stuff. being a comics blogger, he was almost as knowledgeable about our stuff as we were!

it was a pleasure to see entire families trooping to the con. feedback from children regarding school run 2's brutal zombie attack scene ranged from "it was cool!" to "meh, i read 4chan so nothing new" to "i got scared".

the rj ledesma was there. he bought a couple of my comics and twittered about them. ZOMG! 0_0

salamat boss RJ!

speaking of showbiz, a hero tv camera crew came looking for gio, as usual. he he he

...and when they were done with gio, they interviewed any random loser they could find.

and now, on to the cosplayers:

"and when does school run 3 come out, sir?" "soon! soon!"

is it appropriate to tell a cosplayer about how often you've fantasized about their character? probably not. 'specially when their boyfriend's twice your size.

this guy really impressed me with his getup.

he had on a ton of cool military gear.

see what happens when you skip comic conventions, pol medina?! you miss this.

komikon's indie anthology comes out in november, no joke.

you know what they say about guys with big wings?

this guy would go on to win the male cosplay competition.

they didn't win anything, but i was totally charmed by these chrono cross kids.

michael jackson-dancing spiderman was back again. dunno where he got that hat.

in soviet russia, indie comics buy you. or something.

lord vader enjoyed reading ang maskot...

...until i told him he had to pay for it.

sunday was a slow day for comics, as everyone was there for the cosplay. the good thing about it was i got in some doodle time. and so...


that's all from me. see you guys next year!


d. requiz said...

I was looking for your comics sa comicquest sa Mega nasa taas ka lang pala. e di sana may authographed copy na ako.

Raipo said...

Sayang missed it. See you guys at the Komikon though! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahk! parang saya saya! Sana nakadalo ako. :(


Anonymous said...

ganda po nung school run mo. :) ipagpatuloy mo po ah! sana po dumalo ka ulit sa next na MCC para makabili ulit ako. :) stay inspired!

macoy said...

@kuya dhan
palagay ko di rin, may P100 entrance fee, eh :D mahirap magpasok ng komiks sa comicquest, sa comic odyssey sa gale ka nalang bumili, magdadala ako sa sabado.


oo, ang saya-saya. ang saya-saya-saya.

macoy said...

pinalitan ko na :)

macoy said...

starry memories,

maraming salamat! oo ipagpapatuloy ko yan, marami pang pagdadaanan itong mga school run kids.

dj said...

dahil may School Run, may sticker ka! :D

pede bang invitation na din yung sticker? hehehe... no pressure :D

at welcome po sa drawing.

Budjette said...

dumb cosplay idea #12


macoy said...

nag-iisip pa ako ng pitch eh, nahihirapang gumawa ng non-linear na kwento ang aking one-track mind. :P

a convincing sekyu cosplay would actually be pretty cool. i'd get free entrance and i could boss the other cosplayers around. >:D

dj said...

well, di naman po kayo constrained sa non-linear thing. pero it's a challenge :)

macoy said...

aha! wiggle room! sige mag-pi-pitch ako :)

SpiderDan said...

Sir! Big fan here! Ako po yung Spidey cosplayer. Isasama ko po yung pic nyo sa collection ko:

BTW correction lang po, yung blonde girl sa right na naka-Chrono Cross, sya yung nanalo ng Best Female Cosplay, so she won something.

Stay awesome, sir! :)

macoy said...


kinunan kita ng video last year:

ah nanalo ba yung blonde? di ba si hawkgirl? o si hawkgirl din yun?

SpiderDan said...

Ito po yung official list ng mga nanalo ayon sa

Best Male: Ivan Valerio (Green Lantern)
Best Female: Lee Ahoro (Kid Zeal)
Best Child: Garbie Guevarra (Nel Tu)
Best Group: Project 8 and Bulacan Cosplay Mania
Best Pinoy Komiks: Heloise Blythe Diomante (Takip Silim)
Best Western Comics: Joel delos Santos (War Machine)
Best DC Comics: Isabel Cortez (Hawkgirl)

macoy said...

aha, salamat dan! best dc pala yung napanalunan ni hawkgirl.

SpiderDan said...

Ako yung Dan Ramon Geromo sa facebook nyo... add mo po ako :)

Anonymous said...

Hello.. Lee here :D
was the Kid cosplayer from Chrono Cross..
Thanks for the awesome comment! xD

macoy said...

hi daine!

welcome! natuwa ako pati sa choreography nyo. maybe next time you can get some friends to dress in black and flash damage numbers/magical effects placards in the back. thought that'd be funny.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree xD
We should have prepared more.
We just did that on the spot tho. lol
Next year would be much improved! I guarantee it! There would be Lynx and the placards for the commands ATTACK, ELEMENT and stuff xD

so yeah, see yah till then! xD

macoy said...

i look forward to seeing it, lee!

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